Earl Messinger Barnell

b. 27 June 1882, d. 27 January 1950


FatherWilliam Jordan Barnell b. 24 Sep 1849, d. 24 Jan 1924
MotherCaledonia Ann Myria Current b. 21 Mar 1858, d. 31 Dec 1943
Appears on chartsDescendants (with spouses) of James Current Sr.
Descendants (with spouses) of James P. Barnell
Relationships2nd great-grandson of James Current Sr.
Great-grandson of James P. Barnell


Birth27 June 1882 Earl Messinger Barnell was born on 27 June 1882 in Eagle Bend, Todd County, Minnesota; (location may be Wadena County). 
1900 Census
(Enumerated with)
22 June 1900 The 1900 US Census listed Earl Messinger Barnell in addition to William Elton Barnell, Gladys Rebecca Barnell and Ottie Blanch Barnell in the household of William Jordan Barnell, in Bertha Township, Todd County, Minnesota. 
1900 Census22 June 1900 Earl Messinger Barnell was enumerated as Earl M. Barnell. Single white male, age 19. Son of head of household. Born June 1881. He was born in Minnesota. His mother and father were born in Indiana. His occupation is farm laborer. He can read, write, and speak English. 
Possible Marriage date1 January 1912 He and Johanna Hogeli were possibly married on 1 January 1912 in Oregan Bend, Minnesota. 
Marriage7 January 1912 Earl Messinger Barnell and Johanna Hogeli were married on 7 January 1912. 
Residence30 November 1921  On 30 November 1921 Earl Messinger Barnell lived in Astoria, Clatsop County, Oregon. 
Divorce1936 He and Johanna Hogeli were divorced in 1936. 
Death27 January 1950 Earl Messinger Barnell died on 27 January 1950 in Astoria, Seattle, Washington, at age 67. 

Children of Earl Messinger Barnell and Johanna Hogeli

All known children of Earl Messinger Barnell and Johanna Hogeli are deceased.