Cemeteries Families are Buried In (by Name)

(where at least 4 people are buried)

CemeteryLocationDate Buried PersonNotes
Allison CemeteryBedford County, Tennesseeafter 19 Nov 1854Nancy Wright
after 13 May 1859Elizabeth Ann McCord
after 22 Jan 1875Joseph Redding Brown
after 1 Aug 1896Mary Ann Clary
after 19 Apr 1958Mary Jane Moore
Antioch CemeteryNevada, Missouri1910John Curnutt
after 21 Jan 1920Luther Twyman Current
after 21 Jan 1920Luther Twyman Current
after 12 Jul 1926Cora Ethel Current
after 24 Mar 1928Sarah Elizabeth Curnutt
after 27 Oct 1931Luther T. Current
after 2 Aug 1936Ethel Current
after 30 Dec 1942Lorinda Gertrude Current
after 21 Dec 1949Ralph Mason Wingate
after 26 Dec 1949Harry C. Wingate
after 25 Apr 1954Ollie Rose Hatton
after 1 Sep 1954Mark Everett Current
after 14 Jun 1957Clara Olive Wingate
after 24 Mar 1960James Allen Dennis
after 6 Jun 1961Owen Reginald Wingate
1966Emma Anna Current
after 24 Jul 1969Bertha V. Pyle
1971E. Allen Dennis
after 17 Apr 1973Charles G. Coppage
after 24 Nov 1976Barnes I. Wingate
1980Wayne Gordon Wingate
after 1 Apr 1980Vadis Vivan Wingate
after 8 Jul 1981William Paul Current
after 16 Jun 1982Lewis Homer Fisher
after 1 Mar 1984Helen I. Wingate
after 25 Aug 1997Bonnie Marie Plummer
after 28 Oct 2001Carol LaFaye Wingate
15 Apr 2008Robert Murray Wingate
after 9 Apr 2010Earl Eugene Dennis
Arlington National CemeteryArlington, Virginia20 Jun 1990Philip Joseph HaanPlot: Section 59 Site 1954
after 18 Jan 1996Rosemary Candy (Unknown)Section 67, Site 4117
after 21 Jan 2005Claude LaVere BartlesPlot: Section 66, Grave 2675
24 Feb 2005Roger Earl ReederSection 67, Site 4117
after 9 May 2006Elaine (Unknown)
Ash Hollow CemeteryLewellen, Nebraskaafter 21 Oct 1909Dennis Batey ClaryPlot: Block 4, Lot 4
26 Sep 1943Morse Powell Clary
after 6 Jul 1945March Dewey Clary
7 Feb 1946Louisa Custard McNaught
after 9 Jun 1949Raymond Spencer ClaryPlot: Block 8, Lot 20
1967May R. Clary
15 Sep 1969Frank Tracy Clary
after 10 Jan 1972Ray Benjamin BrownPlot: Block 6, Lot 4
Aug 1973Jess R. MinshallPlot: Block 7, Lot 6
Oct 1973Nona Bessie H. WestPlot: Block 4, Lot 4
2 Jun 1980Jocie J. ClaryPlot: Block 7, Lot 6
10 Aug 1981Eugene Everett BrownPlot: Block 6, Lot 4
after 28 Feb 1983Genoa Rachel ClaryPlot: Block 6, Lot 4
after 16 Jul 1991Oren Vernon ClaryPlot: Block 7, Lot 16
10 Sep 2004Gertrude Louis Clary
after 24 Feb 2011Naomi Frances Riggs
Ashland CemeteryAshland, Nebraska1931Shirley Mae VoslerPlot: Sect Old, Blk 16, Lot 6
1957Norman Eugene Vosler
after 23 May 1963Chester W Vosler
16 Apr 1964Ella I. WilliamsPlot: Sect Old, Blk 16, Lot 6
27 Jan 1967Glen Campbell
after 25 May 1967Mary Anna MawhorPlot: Sect Old, Blk 16, Lot 65
23 Aug 1967George Dewey VoslerPlot: Sect Old, Blk 16, Lot 6
after 28 May 1968Richard D. VoslerPlot: Sect Wigg, Blk 11, Lot 29
1969Eunice Arlene Vosler
1973Theodore P. VoslerPlot: Sect Wigg, Blk 1, Lot 3
after 27 Jan 1976Fred Frank Robb
after 5 Nov 1977Mildred D. VoslerPlot: Sect New, Blk 15, Lot 153
after 26 Feb 1982Lula A. Vosler
1983Oscar VoslerPlot: Sect Wigg, Blk 1, Lot 3
after 10 Apr 1984Floyd L. VoslerPlot: Sect Wigg, Blk 11, Lot 29
after 26 Feb 1986Hazel E Decker
1987Leona Erma Vosler
1991George W. Pike
after 5 Jul 1995Goldie F. Vosler
1996Harry Vosler
after 31 May 1996Goldie Fern HallPlot: Sect Wigg, Blk 11, Lot 29
after 26 Mar 1997Randol D. Vosler
after 19 Jul 1997Norman A. Parker
1999Opal (Unknown)
1 May 2003Ronald LeRoy Vosler
2005Elnora M. Hall
after 12 May 2008Margaret Alice Peirce
10 Nov 2011Sandra J Vosler
after 29 Dec 2011Keith E. Schwartz
after 29 Sep 2014Lyla Vosler
after 9 Nov 2014Robert James Vosler
after 17 Mar 2016Eugene A. Vosler
after 14 Jan 2018Preston Eugene Vosler
Baptist CemeteryLipan, Texasafter 22 Mar 1881Seland A. Peters
after 22 Apr 1889William Jackson Clary
after 21 Jul 1898Thomas Allen Morris
1900Enoch Barnett Clary
18 Oct 1900Ruth J. Clary
after 12 Jan 1903Clarance Haskell Clary
1906Amos Jackson
after 27 Feb 1908Elizabeth Jane Angley
after 11 Nov 1908Joseph D. Cross
after 4 May 1909Benjamin Franklin Jackson
after 5 Apr 1918Etta F. Clary
20 Apr 1924Henry Newton Clary
after 5 Nov 1938Joseph Coleman Winslett
after 26 Apr 1958Clara Morris
after 6 Sep 1963Frank D. Cross
after 7 Dec 1964Ora Elizabeth Huffstuller
Beech Grove CemeteryMuncie, Indianaafter 27 Mar 1901Raymond Clary
after 16 Aug 1908William M. Clary
after 31 Dec 1908Florence Conklin
after 18 Feb 1941Octavus C. Dragoo
after 21 Jun 1945Mattie Lou Kelly
after 29 Jul 1954Roy Merrill Williams
after 26 Nov 1955Paul Oscar Thomas Williams
after 29 Oct 1963Edward Roy Acker
15 Apr 1969Harry Wayne Barnell
after 25 Sep 1972Edith Clary
2 Jul 1976Myrtle Mavis Burdge
29 Nov 1991William Edward Holland
after 19 Aug 2001Mary Kathryn Rose
Beemont United Methodist CemeteryOwensville, Missouriafter 16 Jul 1882Wilhelmine Gerding
after 7 Jun 1886Heinrich C. Horstmann
after 10 Sep 1889Christian Frederick Horstmann
after 29 Aug 1896Oscar Grannemann
Albert Henry Horstmann
after 19 Dec 1914Louise Fredericka Horstgatter
after 19 Dec 1914Fredericka Grannemann
after 1 Jul 1918Ferdinand Grannemann
after 9 Jan 1919Henry Rohlfing
after 9 May 1927Louise Berger
21 Jun 1929Frederick W. Horstmann
after 18 May 1946Mary J. Rohlfing
12 Aug 1952Anna M. Witte
after 2 Dec 1955Edward F. Rohlfing
after 29 Jan 1963August B. Rohlfing
after 20 Jul 1965Louise W. Rohlfing
after 12 Sep 1965Hulda J. Grannemann
after 13 Jan 1974Edna A. Rohlfing
after 1 Jun 1981Edward W. Grannemann
after 10 Jul 1986Elma H. Rauter
Bethany Evangelical CemeteryBerger, Missouriafter 25 Feb 1904Margarette Marsch
after 16 May 1916George Horstmann
after 8 Dec 1918Henry C. Rohlfing
after 28 Oct 1921Johann Andreas Scheible
after 13 May 1924Agnes E. Horstmann
after 10 Sep 1925Fritz H. Rausch
after 15 Nov 1929Caroline Oberg
after 22 Jan 1933Joe Oberg
after 19 Jun 1941Christian Ludwig Mann Jr
after 4 Sep 1949Lydia Becker
after 31 May 1952Bertha Sophia Heinlein
Mar 1970Herman F. Scheible
after 13 Nov 1971Benjamin Rohlfing
after 26 Nov 1973Johanna Stoehr
after 4 Dec 1973Louis A. Gumper
after 10 Aug 1977Laura Gumper
May 1979Marie Hendricks
after 23 Feb 1989Milton D. Gumper
after 1 Oct 2003Elmer H. GumperPlot: 7-28
after 17 Mar 2006Esther Margaretha Bareis
after 15 Feb 2008Emma B Gumper
after 7 Oct 2009Marvin Rohlfing
Bethel CemeteryCheyenne, Wyomingafter 15 Jun 1943Lester David VoslerPlot: Sec E Lot 70 Sp A
after 18 Mar 1944Ada Marie EvansPlot: Sec E Lot 63 Sp D
25 Jun 1953William Walker VoslerPlot: Sec E Lot 63 Sp C
after 10 Nov 1963Essa MawhorPlot: Sec N Lot 48 Sp A
12 Oct 1970Aletha Cora Besack
after 21 Nov 1979Clifford Sonny Vosler
16 Aug 1988Clifford Franklin Vosler
6 Apr 1989Frank William Vosler
6 Sep 1991Floyd Lewis VoslerPlot: Sec E Lot 70 Sp C
after 21 Oct 1996Albert Clarence VoslerPlot: Sec E Lot 70 Sp B
after 30 Aug 2009Geraldine Marie BeahmPlot: Lot E Section 70 Space B-2
after 14 Sep 2010Nancy June VoslerPlot: Section P Lot 43 Space A
after 31 May 2014Maxine Leona Sadler
Blountsville CemeteryBlountsville, Indianaabout 1851Catherine Parsons
between 1862 and 1863Silas Stout Barnell
between 1862 and 1863Margaret Ann Jordan
after 7 Mar 1888Hazel G. Lake
1907John William Lake
1922Minerva Knott
1923John Barr
1928Cassius M. Lake
1928Eunice S. Davis
25 Nov 1949William Barr
18 Oct 1950Clara Agnes Current
1955Elmer E. Lake
1963Laura Replogle
1966Ardella F. Barr
1968Frank L. Lake
Burtonville CemeteryBurtonville, Kentucky1905(Infant) Clary
22 Apr 1913James Thomas Clary
after 11 Apr 1940Rebecca Jane Clary
4 Nov 1942Nathaniel Kirk Clary
after 11 Aug 1949James T. Marshall
after 14 Aug 1953James Lincoln King
1955John B. Marshall
after 6 Sep 1958Druza B. Hinton
after 2 Aug 1961John Luther Clary
after 20 Apr 1966Cornelius H. Cropper
after 29 Aug 1966Mary Lena Clary
after 14 Sep 1981Ellen I. Clary
after 20 Mar 1989Violet Naomi Moore
Calvary CemeteryCaledonia, Minnesotaafter 9 Aug 1870Nicholas Joseph Schwebach
after 2 May 1884John P. Bouquet
after 17 Nov 1911Margaret Busch
after 15 Dec 1913Catherina Schwebach
after 17 Aug 1916Wilfred James Demmer
after 26 Aug 1916Francis Burg
after 27 Oct 1918Eugene Valetine Schwebach
after 17 May 1925Katherine GoettleRow 11
after 17 Oct 1927Philip Schwebach
after 8 Jul 1931Constance J Goergen
after 2 Oct 1936Madelena Helen Schwebach
after 22 Feb 1939Katherine Wagner
19 Apr 1944Ida Mary Frie
after 18 Dec 1950Susan Bouquet
after 5 Dec 1960Mary Zenner
after 6 Jul 1968Nicolas Benedict Schwebach
after 14 May 1969Susan Cecelia Ernster
18 Oct 1972Philipp Burg
25 Oct 1972Margret Schwebach
after 2 Jan 1974Anton Ernster
Jun 1978Anna Schwebach
after 13 May 1993Agatha C Schmitz
after 24 Oct 1994James L. Sullivan
10 Jun 2005Richard Francis Sullivan
31 Oct 2005Marcus Butch Schwebach
31 May 2011Celesta Margaret Burg
Calvary CemeteryOmaha, Nebraskaafter 22 Jun 2003Helen Catherine Bachmann
after 5 Mar 2005Maurice Haskell Current
after 19 Apr 2010Thomas Dennis Sanders
after 28 May 2014Francis Robert Bachmann
after 28 Oct 2014Daniel L. Wagner
Calvary CemeterySaint Louis, Missouri13 Aug 1915William Ramspott
13 Feb 1917Sam Scarfino
16 Jan 1919Christopher DolanSection 23, Lot #277
1 Nov 1919Francis ScarfinoSection 25, Lot #1299
1 Sep 1921Walburg Shenesection 021, lot 1635
Aug 1922Katherine DolanSection 23, Lot #277
17 Nov 1926George Horschfieldsection 021, lot 1635
17 Mar 1928Milton Henrysection 021, lot 1635
17 Mar 1928Martino CosentinoSection 005, Lot 000P, Grave 36.
17 Mar 1928Frances BiforkaSection 005, Lot 000P, Grave 36.
30 Dec 1929Frank CosentinoSection 24, Lot #3007, Grave #5
21 Jan 1931Antonia ScarfinoSection 25, Lot #1299
27 Aug 1932Loretta StewartSection 25, Lot #1407
17 Mar 1933Vito ScarfinoSection 25, Lot #1299
15 Feb 1934Peter J. DolanSection 23, Lot #277
5 Mar 1938Philippina Ramspottsection 021, lot 1635
5 Jan 1943Charles Fred CordesSection 26, Lot #2142
19 Jun 1943Margaret HillSection 26, Lot #2156
12 Mar 1946Delores Grace Kempersection 019A, log 0116
27 Nov 1946Catherine RyanSection 26, Lot #2156
1 Mar 1947Edmund BrennanSection 26, Lot #2156
19 Apr 1949Michael EllisonSec. 27, Lot 193
20 Aug 1956George James DolanSection 20, Lot #2289A
22 Oct 1958Elizabeth RamspottSection 20, Lot #2289A
29 Aug 1963Marie CordesSection 26, Lot #2142
27 Jul 1965Antonino CavatarioSection 20, Lot #2449
2 Aug 1965Giovanna CosentinoSection 20, Lot #2449
7 Feb 1966Hugh C. StewartSection 25, Lot #1407
11 Apr 1972Alice Mary DolanSection 26, Lot #2142
17 Jul 1972Marietta CosentinoSection 25, Lot #1299
28 Nov 1972Benjamin KemperSection 019A, Lot 0120
7 Jun 1977Edmund Brennan Jr.Section 26, Lot #2156
Nov 1977Mary C. DolanSection 23, Lot #277
6 May 1978Bertha Emilie RamspottSection 019A, Lot 0120
17 Mar 1979Hugh C. Stewart Jr.Section 25, Lot #1407
4 Aug 1979John Baptiste CosentinoSection 032, Lot 0488, Grave 5.
26 Nov 1984Mary L. DolanSection 25, Lot #1407
after 22 Apr 1985Carrie RamspottSec. 27, Lot 193
29 Apr 1993William Elmer DolanSection 33, Lot #450
29 Jul 1997Beatrice A. DolanSection 20, Lot #2289A
7 May 1998Martin M. ScarfinoSection 25, Lot #1299
22 Apr 2002Thomas CavatarioSection 20, Lot #2449
29 Oct 2009Susanna Cavatario
Calvary CemeterySioux City, Iowa2 May 1995Martha Mary Delperdang
10 Nov 2000Ulrich Herman Bunkers
after 17 Dec 2000Catherine Bunkers
after 2 Jul 2001Lloyd Earl Moravek
after 21 Apr 2008Clarice Eleanor Bachmann
Campbell-Eldrod CemeteryDrane, Texasafter 12 Jul 1875Eizabeth J. Clary
after 10 Nov 1878Elizabeth Ann Conn
after 1 Sep 1880Marion Lange
after 15 Mar 1899Francis Marion Clary
after 6 Feb 1920Littleton Robert Lange
after 6 Dec 1922Martha Ellen Clary
Carlisle CemeteryKentuckyJoseph Clary
Daisy Mullikin
after 21 Jan 1971Claudia Alteha Clary
after 9 Jan 1972Napoleon D. Clary
after 31 Oct 1985Glenna Faye Purcell
after 14 Feb 2014Alice Faye Clary
Cedar Hill CemeteryGreencastle, Pennsylavnia4 Nov 1929James Daniel Helm
1935James M. Clary
after 18 Jan 1954Howard Stoner
after 13 Sep 1963Belle Bartle
after 24 Jun 1974Albert Wayne Helm
after 26 Dec 1976Ruth Virginia Fox
Feb 1981Elizabeth Belle Clary
after 6 Feb 1983Delores June Shultz
Apr 1985Charles Franklin Clary
after 8 Nov 1989Blanche C. Clary
1991Edna M. Clary
after 2 Nov 1992Howard Pinkney Clary
1993Annamelia Binkley
after 1 Aug 1997Richard Glenn Clary
Cedar Hill CemeteryLancaster County, Nebraska19 Jan 1908Elizabeth Maude Sanderson
17 Jan 1916John Preston Vosler
1919Anna Mae Vosler
15 Mar 1951John Preston Vosler
after 13 Apr 1961Walter Clay Vosler
after 23 Dec 1976Grace Mae Simmons
Chapel Hill Memorial GardensKansas City, Kansas19 Sep 1961Mark Carl HinzeMasonic Garden, Lot #421B
after 19 May 1963Coral Rex SargentGarden of Devotion, Lot #106D
6 Aug 1963Charles Andrew SimpsonGarden of Meditation
4 Mar 1966Katherine Dorothy HinzeGarden of Meditation, Lot #204B
5 Feb 1969Martha Frances LummGarden of Meditation
10 Feb 1970Emma GumperGarden of Meditation
26 Nov 1974August Edwin Nelson Vossler and Katherine Dorothy HinzeGarden of Meditation, Lot #204B
13 May 1980Elmer Harold CarterGarden of Meditation
21 Apr 1981Mary M. StumpffMasonic Garden, Lot #421B
11 Jan 1984Barbara Ann OldehaverMasonic Garden, Lot #419B
29 Apr 1987Paul David BennettGarden of Meditation, Lot #72C
1 Dec 1988Alta Vista SimpsonGarden of Devotion, Lot #106D
28 Mar 1989Helen Ione HinzeMasonic Garden, Lot #295B
12 Dec 1989Robert L. Strom Jr.Masonic Garden, Lot #295B
after 21 Dec 1991Paul Revere BoatmanGarden of Meditation
22 May 1992Evelyn Charlene SimpsonGarden of Meditation
13 Aug 1999Terrence James Bunkersthe Garden of Meditation
after 23 Oct 2004Virginia Ruth SimpsonGarden of Meditation
after 30 Sep 2010Charles Andrew Simpson Jr.
27 Feb 2013Norman Charles VosslerDue to a bad snow storm, the funeral was postponed for a day, until 28 Feb 2013.
12 Feb 2015Bonnie Rose Simpson
Chapman-Summers CemeteryNewberry County, South Carolinaafter 1809Eleanor Clary
16 Jan 1809Joseph Summers
15 Oct 1813Mary Summers
15 Apr 1819Giles Chapman Jr.
12 Oct 1823William Summers
7 Oct 1829Susannah Teague
22 Mar 1836Col. John Summers
13 Nov 1840Rosannah Waters
City Greenwood CemeteryWeatherford, Texasafter 19 Oct 1900Berta M. Helm
after 18 Sep 1905Lewis Albert Current
1927Amelia Mayer
after 29 Aug 1949Lillie M. Current
after 12 Nov 1955William I. Helm
Clary CemeteryHiddenite, North Carolinaafter 5 Aug 1795Daniel Clary
after 18 May 1830Richard Combs Claryknoll above Daniel Clary
1850Cary Clary
after 23 Jun 1854Cary Halbock Rector
Feb 1857Martha Clary
5 May 1872Mary Malesia Clary
after 13 Jun 1872Daniel Clary
after 10 Jan 1882Vancey P. Clary
after 16 Jul 1882Elizabeth Clary
Feb 1893Bessie I. Clary
after 31 Mar 1894Infant Clary
22 Jun 1898Nancy Malissa Scott
Cleburne Memorial CemeteryCleburne, Texasafter 13 May 1931William Sumner Clary
after 8 Aug 1939Donald Leslie Elrod
after 21 Dec 1943Agnes Elizabeth CarperBlock 14 Lot 5
after 29 Sep 1975Richard Arlen Elrod
after 4 Jan 1977Marvin Burnell Clary
27 Mar 1979Lillian Bridges
after 18 Dec 2003Leslie Lee Elrod
after 12 Sep 2005Jerry Clarke Bradbury
24 Aug 2006Dollie Sue Clary
after 14 Apr 2009Agnes Margaret Clary
Concord CemeteryPetersburg, Illilnoisbefore 1860Rhoda J. Clary
3 Feb 1874Royal Armstrong Clary
after 3 Jul 1878Martha Jane Clary
after 12 Nov 1896Hugh Armstrong Clary
1903Gladys Velma Clary
23 Mar 1917George P. Clary Jr.
after 12 Oct 1917Marion Louisa Traylor
after 7 Dec 1939Mary Samantha Clary
after 22 Jun 1950Sarah Henrietta Carruthers
Converse CemeteryConverse, Indianaafter 20 May 1883Ollie KingPlot: Section A
after 12 Jun 1891Barbara Ann ChanceyPlot: Section A
1894Leetha Eliner MarksPlot: Section A
6 Nov 1901Alvin C. KingPlot: Section A
1907(Infant) KingPlot: Section A
after 2 Sep 1907Clinton Russell LakePlot: Section F
after 7 Sep 1907Andrew Raymond LakePlot: Section F
after 5 Sep 1913Clinton Paul Lake
after 14 Jun 1921Martha Jane SkinnerPlot: Section A
22 Aug 1928Julius Clinton LakePlot: Section A
after 13 Jun 1932John William LakePlot: Section A
8 Nov 1933Julia Elinore LakePlot: Section A
after 15 Jul 1937Cornelia F. Swope
after 15 Mar 1948William C. King
after 3 Dec 1951Leota Elizabeth DakinPlot: Section F
after 14 Nov 1958Leonard Leroy LakePlot: Section F
26 Feb 1960Elbert Roscoe StephensPlot: Section K
after 18 Feb 1962Emma Retta WeaverPlot: D 400
5 Dec 1962Eva Pearl KingPlot: Section K
after 20 Aug 1964Mary Daisy MorrisPlot: Section A
26 Feb 1967Walter William Sloderbeck
22 Aug 1972Clinton Herman King
after 6 Nov 1972Lawrence Frederick LakePlot: Sec D
after 31 Jan 1981Josephine Wright
after 4 Mar 1987Patricia C. ClarkPlot: Section A
after 7 Nov 1988Ruth O. CampbellSec D
after 18 Nov 1989Mary Pauline LakePlot: Section F
after 24 Sep 1992Martha Marie LakePlot: Section F
after 25 Mar 1993Frederick Ray Barker
after 12 Nov 1995Frederick Cornelius HarperPlot: Section F
after 13 Feb 2001Verlin King StephensPlot: Section K
Countryside Memorial GardensCanaan, Missouriafter 3 Dec 1965Theodore George Rousset
1974Pearl Crites
after 19 Nov 1974Culver Horstmann
after 12 Sep 1978Eugene Robert Rousset
1982Richard Charles Rousset
Crestview Memorial ParkRural Hall, North Carolinaafter 7 Dec 1965Ila Mae Baker
after 22 May 1971Amos Zera Fulk
after 8 Jun 1988Larkin Wakefield Thorpe
after 5 Jun 1997Rachel Pauline Fulk
after 7 Feb 2000Vallie Elender Fulk
after 17 Sep 2003June Carolyn Fulk
8 Nov 2012Everette Columbus Moore
Crestview Memorial ParkWichita Falls, Texasafter 29 Aug 1968Audie Mae Stephenson
after 25 Mar 1970Clyde Willie Woods
after 5 Aug 1973Erby Eldon Smith
after 25 Dec 1983Effie Mae Funderburk
12 Jul 1988Zele Earl Smith
Crooked Creek Baptist CemeteryRoyal Center, Indianaafter 16 Apr 1914Gerald Vernon
after 28 Jun 1915Vada May Vernon
after 20 Jan 1925(Baby boy) Vernon
after 21 Nov 1965Albert Vernon
after 6 Mar 1979Mable Emery
Cross CemeteryCross, Texasafter 4 Jul 1919Edgar Clary
after 27 Feb 1924William Hardy Nevill
after 10 Jul 1927Douglas Graham Clary
15 May 1929Walter Lee Clary
after 14 Oct 1929Dan Eugene Clary
after 15 May 1930Barney David Clary
after 26 Nov 1933Curtis Shelby Clary
after 2 Jul 1936Jimmie Alonao Roberts
after 8 Jul 1936Nedra Jean Roberts
4 Jun 1939Elda A. Johnston
after 31 Jan 1941Susie Belle Walker
30 Apr 1947John Murphy Clary
after 8 Oct 1952Robert Dee Massey
24 May 1954Della Clary
1964Mary Lee Massey
after 30 Jan 1974Jennie Belle Clary
after 5 Feb 1974Archie Louis Roberts
after 14 Jun 1974Bobby Massey
after 7 Mar 1975William Curtis Clary
after 24 Oct 1975William Loid Rice
after 10 Sep 1981James Lee Zimmerman
after 4 Feb 1984Flora Bell (Unknown)
after 17 May 1985Dedia Almedia Williams
after 29 Jan 1990Gladys Alberta Clary
after 27 Apr 1991Louis M Cherrone
after 7 Aug 1991Doris Louise Clary
after 3 Jan 1994Lora Mildred McClendon
after 24 Mar 1995Willie Gaston Clary
after 28 Feb 1996Melvin Lee Nevill
after 6 Feb 1998Annie Marjorie Clary
after 16 Dec 2001William Albert Bellomy
21 Sep 2009Daisy Fay Clary
5 Jan 2013Truby Odell Clary
after 2 Sep 2016Lela Josephine Richards
Crown Hill CemeteryIndianapolis, Indiana1 Mar 1918John Morrison Lake
17 Dec 1929Agnes Miriam Lake
Nov 1932Mary E. Carpenter
after 6 Jan 1936Orus P. Barnell
27 Sep 1948Noah Lee Harris
23 Aug 1968Solomon E. HobbsPlot: Sec: 13, Lot: 12
5 Oct 1968Howard SinclairSec: 224, Lot: 692
8 Oct 1973Ruth I. KirbyPlot: Sec: 13, Lot: 12
24 Jul 1992Mary Agnes Harris
11 Apr 1995Helen Valentine HarrisSec: 224, Lot: 692
after 29 Nov 2011Keith Uhl Clary
Current CemeteryBrown County, Minnesotaafter 12 Jul 1879Alonzo Carlton Current
after 3 Aug 1880Ida Current
after 29 Aug 1880Oscar Current
1892Charles B. Harmon
after 14 Feb 1892George Washington Current
after 1 Jun 1892John Marion Current
after 13 Oct 1893Rebecca G. Lake
after 30 May 1895James Current III
after 11 Dec 1895John Quincy Adams Current
after 11 Aug 1899Mary Powers
after 25 Oct 1907John R. Current
after 6 Oct 1910Verna Current
after 15 Sep 1911Beatrice Current
after 18 Aug 1912Theodore Alonzo Case
after 22 Feb 1913George Alvin Martine
after 7 May 1915William Arthur Rogers
after 21 Jan 1916William Jackson Current
after 17 Aug 1921Ellen M. Current
between 1921 and 1922Rebecca Ann Current
between 1922 and 1923John Leander Cailey
after 19 Apr 1924John Fred Cailey
after 9 May 1931Nancy Rees
after 15 Jan 1933Nancy J. Bechtelheimer
after 2 Apr 1939James William Current
after 23 Sep 1940Cyrus Clinton Current
after 31 May 1941James Oscar Case
after 11 Jun 1943John Kuelbs
after 22 Oct 1943Claude LeRoy Barnell
after 1 Sep 1945Emiline Current
after 5 Sep 1945Sarah Elizabeth Brooks
between 1945 and 1946George Brust
after 18 Nov 1946Mary Mae Cailey
after 8 Feb 1948Scott Current
after 4 Dec 1952Nettie Tram
after 29 Jun 1955Galen DeVere Current
after 4 Jun 1957Caledonia Elizabeth Barnell
after 5 Sep 1957Una Current
after 20 Oct 1957Clayton Current
after 28 May 1958Ora Leona Current
after 7 Jan 1959May Current
after 30 May 1959Phyllis Irene Barnell
after 29 Nov 1959George Henry Martine
after 30 Oct 1961Catherine Current
after 2 Aug 1962Teresa Case
after 23 Nov 1965Floyd Lewis Traver
after 17 Aug 1966William Elton Barnell
after 13 Apr 1968Lyle Deloss Current
after 13 Jun 1970Rosa Case
after 9 May 1971Clara R. Runck
after 13 May 1971Ralph Austin Current
after 27 Oct 1971Angline Sophia Baier
after 22 Feb 1973Jacob Alwin Martine
after 20 Jun 1974Elvira Current
after 22 Jul 1975James C. Case
after 12 Jul 1977Marion Evert Current
1979Lela Schultz
after 10 Aug 1982Viola Current
after 21 Oct 1990Clarence Albert Kuelbs
after 29 Nov 1990Ottie Marie Current
after 28 Oct 1991Lester Milo Current
1994Alna I. Jacobson
after 11 Dec 1995Vernon Orval Barnell
after 23 Sep 1996Duane Carl Current
after 24 Oct 1997Eugene Clark Current
after 1 Nov 1997Paul Hope Dauenbaugh
13 Mar 1999Esther Emily Current
after 3 Dec 1999Gladys Muriel Barnell
after 15 Mar 2000William James Current
after 29 Jul 2002Robert Leslie Current
after 30 Jan 2003Clarence Theodore Kelm
27 Mar 2004Leo Brand
12 Nov 2004Ellen Gertrude Brust
after 11 May 2005Esther Emilia Zarn
2006Mildred Jensen
2 Feb 2006Gerald Current
after 27 Jul 2008Dorris Laray Kelm
after 19 May 2009Donald Wayne Current
30 Jul 2009Elaine Julia Elvira Barnell
7 Dec 2010Isabel Marie Lasby
after 14 Mar 2012Richard Orval Barnell
Current CemeteryGrafton, West Virginiaafter 15 Aug 1822James Current Sr.
after 16 Aug 1830Margaret Richardson
1847Mary Catherine DeMoss
after 6 Apr 1850John Bailey Jr.
after 3 Feb 1852Robert A. Current
after 30 Aug 1859Mary Davis
between 1866 and 1867Enoch Current
after 4 Jul 1879James Current
after 6 Aug 1886Mary Knotts
after 7 Jul 1909Elizabeth Current
after 5 Aug 1910Rebecca Bailey
1912Upton Long DeMoss
after 2 Sep 1913Samuel Upton DeMoss
Current CemeteryStony Creek Township, Indianabetween 1845 and 1846James Current Jr.
after 14 Jun 1846William Bailey Lake
after 17 Feb 1852Silas Peter Current
after 3 Apr 1863James Edward Lake
between 1866 and 1868Jeremiah Lake
after 7 Oct 1873George McCellen Lake
after 23 Jan 1875Margaret Johnson
after 16 Nov 1882Mary Current
after 20 Feb 1886Abraham James Current
after 14 May 1887Fanny E. Current
after 2 Dec 1891Elizabeth B. Lake
between 1898 and 1899Peter J. Current
Curtis CemeteryWeatherford, Texasafter 18 Jan 1906Willie W. Current
after 1 Feb 1909Mary Belle Curtis
16 Nov 1941David Wilson Current
after 17 Sep 1944David Owen Current
after 7 Apr 1971Willie Mae Helm
26 Apr 1972Annie Jensen
6 Apr 1974John Curtis Current
after 18 Apr 1978Robert Marvin Byas
after 25 Feb 1985Annie Lucille Current
after 31 Mar 1985David Lawrence Current
after 13 Jun 1985James Paul Current
after 5 Apr 2000Douglas Curtis Current
after 14 Aug 2010Albert Lewis McDonald
after 17 Jun 2014Melvin Wilson Current
after 14 Mar 2017Mary Lou Current
Dean Baptist CemeteryTyler, Texasafter 15 Feb 1916Thomas Morris Luther
10 Feb 1942William Walter Luther
after 17 Aug 1966Lois Lucinda Luther
after 3 May 1970James V. Gilstrap
after 14 Jul 1976Charlie Isaac Gilstrap
after 9 Mar 1985Ida Thomas Chapman
after 17 Dec 1996Mamie Marie Luther
after 28 Feb 1999Willie Arthur Garrison
after 12 Aug 2003Lottie Mae Luther
DeWitt CemeteryDeWitt, Illinoisafter 3 Jul 1953Buddy Eugene Reeder
after 21 Sep 1958John Henry Reeder
after 28 Jun 1974John Douglas Reeder
4 Nov 1975Inez B. Clary
after 16 Jan 2006Mabel Lillian Emily Henke
after 12 Sep 2011Lyle Dean Reeder
Dexter CemeteryDexter, Missouriafter 5 Jan 1971Everett William Larsen
after 16 Mar 1974William Norvel Larsen
after 23 Jun 1982Leo Merl Edwards
after 11 Nov 1983Edgar M. Larsen
after 20 Jun 1984Geneva E. Coburn
after 6 Feb 1994Thresa June Larsen
after 4 Jun 1996Virginia R. Kleffer
after 7 Jul 1997Kathrine Eula Larsen
after 31 Jan 2000Glendon Wilson Edwards
after 3 Apr 2011Ruth Margaret Allstun
Eagle Bend CemeteryEagle Bend, Minnesota26 Jan 1924William Jordan Barnell
after 19 Mar 1932Russell Barnell Weibye
after 20 Dec 1943Ottie Blanch Barnell
3 Jan 1944Caledonia Ann Myria Current
after 3 May 1956Ralph Jay Weibye
Elm Ridge Memorial ParkMuncie, IndianaFeb 1934Jessie Mae Reese
after 3 Oct 1943Clara Browne
1954Sidney E. Acker
2 Oct 1959Vera Fern Current
22 Apr 1963Riley William Barnell
Dec 1975Hugh Aras Current
29 May 1982Hazel Spaulding
after 27 Feb 1987Mildred Gibson
after 16 Jul 1996Gladys Clary
Estates of Serenity CemeteryMarion, Indianaafter 13 Dec 1914Howard E. HarreldPlot: B17 L12 G10
after 12 Mar 1924Bertha May LakePlot: B17 L12 G11
15 Feb 1946Emanuel HarreldPlot: B17 L12 G12
4 Dec 1950Clifford Cleon Harreld
after 9 Jun 1983Raymond Earl WysongPlot: Sec A L81 G10
after 8 May 1997John Edward Lake
after 1 Apr 2002Cloe B. LakePlot: Sec A L81 G9
11 Sep 2009Mary Virginia Bott
after 18 Sep 2015Beverly Sue Wysong
Evergreen CemeteryLipan, Texas1932Baby Boy Edwards
after 12 Apr 1933Arrah Beatrice Cross
after 11 Jan 1942Sarah Lavina Clary
27 May 1944Blanche Cross
after 10 Apr 1954Joseph Vess Doss
after 3 Sep 1961Coy Cross
26 Apr 1969Etta Mae Clary
after 30 Dec 1971Grace Cross
after 23 Jun 1973Ervin Yeats
1 Feb 1974Walter Millard Edwards
18 Dec 1974William Jackson Clary
after 12 Mar 1981Roy Allen Clary
after 13 Feb 1989Viola Elizabeth Winslett
after 11 May 1992Cena M. Reese
after 5 Dec 1995Lafayette Crosier
after 5 Jan 1999Charles Gary Edwards
3 Apr 2004Gay Pauline Cook
after 16 Jun 2009Ned Gary Cross
Evergreen CemeteryWalker, MinnesotaMartin Smith MoricalPlot: Map 15; SP1-H-11
after 24 Dec 1928Charles Maynard Morical
after 16 Aug 1940Lionel Gerald Morical
after 5 Jul 1942Araminta Ann BarnellPlot: Map 15; SP1-H-11
after 3 Apr 1957Ora Elma MoricalMap 5; OP-109-3
after 5 Apr 1960Georgia Frances Tracy
Fairview CemeteryBedford, Iowa27 Sep 1920Lavere Bartles
27 Sep 1920Claude Bartles
3 Jul 1956Rex Laverne Burns
22 Apr 1970Newton Oliver Burns
24 Oct 1973Sarah Lucille Cole
2 Feb 1975Kenneth Larry Longfellow
after 27 Jan 1983Norma Ruth Clary
22 Mar 1985Luther Arnold Burns
10 Apr 1995Wilson Henry Longfellow
after 23 Dec 1995Margaret Jane Dougherty
19 Jun 2007Deloris Burns
15 Nov 2008Verlin Lloyd Burns
Fairview CemeteryLesage, West Virginiaafter 14 Jun 1909Myrtle Hesson
after 26 Jul 1913Elmer Hesson
after 14 Sep 1917Maria L. Clary
after 18 Mar 1934Henley G. Hesson
1953Mae Pittman
Forest Hill CemeteryCanton, South DakotaSep 1933Thomas Bruce Oliver
Feb 1940Emily Almeda Dunlap
Feb 1958Clarence Howard Oliver
after 28 May 2007Dolores Jean LendtBlock 15
after 8 May 2013Raymond Bernard BunkersBlock 15
Forest Lawn CemeteryGlendale, Californiaafter 24 Nov 1942Perry M. Brent
after 16 May 1945Mary Abigail Hawley
after 20 Jan 1946Charles Carrol Clary
after 15 Jan 1954Joseph Gable HigginbothamPlot: Vesperland, Map 1, Lot 1120, Space 2
after 23 Feb 1958Benjamin Little ClaryPlot: Col. of Nativity, Holly Terrace, Lot 0, Space 20658
after 10 Aug 1961William George Clary
after 20 Jul 1963Pearl Grace Willson
after 27 Dec 1967Arthur Elliott Clary
after 16 Mar 1975Marjorie Chappel DavisPlot: Col. of Nativity, Holly Terrace, Lot 0, Space 20658
after 1 Feb 1980George Darrel Clary
Forest Lawn Memorial ParkOmaha, Nebraska9 Aug 1971Clark B. SamsonPlot: APOS, 661, 1
14 Mar 1973Holly Francine (Unknown)Plot: APOS, 661, 2
after 15 Oct 1988George Sheldon Delezene
after 2 Nov 1990George Wesley Gautier
after 9 Jan 1996Janice Doreen Steele
after 11 Oct 1997Bessie Irene Vosler
Fort Snelling National CemeteryMinneapolis, Minnesota1 Dec 1960Dewey Ervin MoricalSection E, Site 2054
Robert William Pastorius
26 Jun 1979Mabel NorsbySection O, Site 4020
4 Jun 1982Kenneth Erwing HansingPlot W, 0, 5995
Grace Rebecca Current
Charlotte Vivien Lavalla
28 Aug 1991Marian Phylis TorkelsonSection P-1, Site 3656
Ione Daisy LavallaPlot W, 0, 5995
Roger Glen Lavalla
21 Jan 1994Kenneth Jordan BarnellSection P-1, Site 3656
after 6 Apr 1994Leslie Mahan SetterquistPlot: 11, 1043
24 May 1994Marcelinus M. Schwebach
after 2 Oct 2000Opal Ann Current
Roger Douglas Weibye
25 Nov 2003Russell Bruce Weibye
after 8 Oct 2007Larry Douglas Schwebach
5 Feb 2010Walter Samuel JungersPlot: SECTION 30 SITE 2684
4 Jan 2011Anna Maye OldenkampPlot: SECTION 30 SITE 2684
Darold Elmer Lavalla
10 Sep 2012Alice Frieda MinkeSection 21, Site 615
Fredonia City CemeteryFredonia, Kansasafter 25 Jul 1896Minerva E. Clary
after 17 Aug 1900Richard James Clary
1915Clifton E. Clary
after 20 Nov 1915Minnie ClaryPlot: Section 2, Lot 0374-1
after 25 Mar 1922Raymond Clary
after 17 Feb 1923Olive Iona Clary
after 7 Nov 1927John Wesley ClaryPlt: Section 2, Lot 0374-4
after 26 Dec 1931Cora Ellen Ostrander
20 Feb 1933Richard Benjamin FortnerPlot: Section 6, Lot 1574-2
Dec 1950Ezra Chester Clary
after 15 Feb 1954Richard Emory ClaryPlt: Section 5, Lot 1396-3
Jan 1962Edith C. Woodrum
after 18 Dec 1963Dee Clary
after 29 Sep 1965Evalina Marvin Russell
after 22 Oct 1969Wesley Dewey Clary
after 21 Dec 1971Roy Ancil MitchellPlot: Section 7, Lot 1588-6
after 21 Dec 1984Arthur Chester ClaryPlot: Section 2, Lot 0327-2
after 19 Sep 1988Crystal Belle Fortner
after 29 Mar 2002Frank Wiley Fortner
after 23 Oct 2014Sarah Isable Johnson
Friends CemeteryQuaker City, Ohio29 Sep 1879Asneath Harvey
Thomas Clary
12 Mar 1891Enoch Clary
2 Aug 1948Katherine Niebch
8 May 1953Franklin J. Clary
Fulton CemeteryFulton, Indiana1906Mary E. EmeryPlot: Mid-northeast Section, Row 11
12 Jul 1952Cora Elsie Clary
after 24 Oct 1969Violet E. JohnsonPlot: Mid-southwest Section, Row 2
10 Feb 1971Carl Clary Emery
after 13 Mar 1989Cretie Jane Ausman
4 Oct 1996Paul F. EmeryPlot: Mid-southwest Section, Row 2
Gardens of MemoryMuncie, Indiana28 Apr 1967Dorotha Harrison
16 Sep 1972Cleo Barnell
14 Jul 1992Mary C. Whipple
Denzil Erwin Schrack
after 25 Sep 2005Greta Lucille Wise
8 Nov 2005Basil L. Hathaway
2 Mar 2007Irene C. Normand
Geary CemeteryGeary, OklahomaLaverne Abraham
Charles Ross Abraham
1961Marilee June Abraham
Viona Sackett
George Washington Skinner
Grant Memorial ParkMarion, IndianaJan 1936Addie D. Sutton
after 12 Jan 1946Bert Sanford OwingsPlot D 400
after 3 Nov 1956George Kenneth BonnerPlot: B 394
after 21 Apr 1976Nathan Stanley Ringo
after 19 Aug 1976Willard Leory Lake
after 7 Feb 1977Hettie Belle GentisPlot D 400
after 25 Apr 1977Vaughn L. HarreldPlot: C 360
after 16 Apr 1982Ruth McIntosh
after 1 Mar 1992Thelma Mary MurphyPlot: C 360
22 Feb 1993Joy Maisel HarreldPlot: B 394
after 29 Dec 1993Dorothy Marie Lake
after 14 Aug 1998Elsie Klaus
after 18 Feb 2000Fred Lake
after 24 Aug 2000Shirley Anne Fleenor
after 18 Oct 2002Bert H. Lake
7 Jul 2004Charles E. Davis Jr
23 Mar 2005Alta F. Lake
2 Aug 2013Richard Malcolm Lake
13 Apr 2015Iva Mae Nightenhelser
Green Park CemeteryPortland, Indianaafter 5 Nov 1904Chester A. Current
14 Jan 1910Glenn R. Current
after 4 Aug 1910David Current
after 10 Jul 1914Bertha Iola Lare
after 10 Jul 1914David Wilson Current
after 24 Feb 1926James Knox Polk Current
15 Jul 1928Emma Taylor
after 11 Apr 1933Arthur Calvin Current
28 Dec 1938Rachael Patrica Cull
after 6 May 1951Thomas G. Parker
after 12 May 1960Elma A. Current
1 Feb 1998Maurice Ralph Cull
1999John Judson Jaqua
9 Feb 2011Grace Roselyn Current
Greenbottom Memorial ParkCabell County, West Virginiaafter 1 Jul 1915A. I. Clary
after 3 Sep 1925David S. Clary
after 7 Nov 1928Ira Clary Schlagel
after 11 Dec 1928Goldie Clary
after 2 Jan 1936Margaret A. Hesson
after 5 Apr 1937William L. Brewer
after 3 Dec 1952Llewellyn Clary
after 16 Oct 1956Patricia Ann Trippett
1958Effie Clary
after 17 Jan 1970Clara Belle Brewer
after 31 Jan 1982Georgia Lestie Nance
after 20 Jun 1982Kermit Clary
after 29 Jul 1982Frankie Nance
after 13 Dec 1989Clyde Clary
after 6 Mar 1992Wilmer Clary
after 3 Jan 1993Kermit Keith Clary
after 29 Aug 1995Kenton Clary
after 7 Feb 1996Provie Clary
after 16 Jun 1996Earl Austin Whitmore
after 14 Jan 1999Fred Clary
after 24 Apr 2001Jessie Nance
after 22 Jun 2002Helen Mae Clary
after 26 Jun 2005Mary Lillian Bowman
2 Feb 2012Addie Irene Bowman
Greenmount CemeteryQuincy, Illinoisafter 25 Dec 1966Coleen Elaine Iler
after 9 Jun 1978Lacey Fay Clary
after 30 Jun 1982Everett Warren Iler
after 14 Feb 1985Lottie Lou Seeman
after 9 Feb 2015George Warren Iler
Greenwood CemeteryBemidji, MinnesotaWilliam Putman Current
after 27 Aug 1946Pearl M. Barnell
after 19 Mar 1949William Dolos Barnell
after 5 May 1954Bernie Tilden Howell
after 13 Jun 1959Cora Blanch Condon
after 25 Mar 1962Winthrop Carter Batchelder Sr.
after 18 Apr 1965Roy L. Golden
after 22 Dec 1968Winthrop Carter Batchelder Jr.
after 15 Aug 1976Deloris D. Barnell
after 15 Sep 1996Gladys Pearl Barnell
after 17 Oct 1998Terry Scott Batchelder
after 5 Mar 1999Blanch Iola Barnell
Greenwood CemeteryByesville, Ohioafter 24 Jun 1951Charles M. Leslie
after 27 Jul 1960Aby Clary
after 8 May 1961Ralph Clay Boyd
after 29 Apr 1967Charles Joseph Boyd
after 5 Dec 1987Homer Leroy Murphy
after 10 Aug 1990Patricia Aby Boyd
after 14 Apr 1999Estella Rebecca Leslie
Greenwood Memory Lane CemeteryPhoenix, Arizonaafter 18 Aug 1921Martin Luther Simpson
after 13 Jul 1942Martha Jane Jordan
after 3 Feb 1961Robert Edward Simpson
after 28 Jun 2005Martin Luther Simpson
after 28 May 2008Lorene Ann (Unknown)
Gunn City CemeteryCass County, Missouriafter 24 Jun 1901Jessie Alexander Clary
after 26 Aug 1919Clifford E. Clary
after 3 Jul 1926Verna Carnes
after 28 Dec 1926Fred Clary
Jan 1927Stanley Lee Clary
after 31 Mar 1935Nora Ella Alexander
after 3 Sep 1967Fred Raymond Clary
Hamburg CemeteryHamburg, Iowa6 Apr 1914Hiram Clary
20 Mar 1932Nancy Adeline Bailey
after 28 Dec 1990Olna W. Current
1991Leonard Clarence Thorp
after 10 Sep 2008Wille Dawn Cully
Harper CemeteryAid, Missouriafter 29 Jan 1948Martin Leman Larsen
after 17 Jun 1962Gilford Williams
after 7 Oct 1978Ray Williams
after 12 Jan 1981James Alexander Larsen
after 22 Apr 1984Earle Adella Almond
after 8 Jan 1990Lulu M. VanSape
10 Jan 2008Leon Martin Larsen
after 19 May 2008Genevieve Campbell
Hazel CemeteryBell Buckle, Tennessee1910Ethelwyn Webb
after 9 Jan 1910William Franklin Clary
after 17 Oct 1919Mary Lee Clary
after 6 Nov 1919William Alexander Webb
after 23 Jan 1928Elizabeth Tennessee Little
after 8 Sep 1929Annie Lowe Yell
Benjamin Allen Clary
after 8 Nov 1938John W. Clary
Dec 1939Richard Grier Peoples
after 29 Dec 1940Nannie Rix Ganaway
15 Mar 1954Alla Clary
after 21 Jan 1967Eva Tennesse Clary
after 11 May 1974John Thomas Clary
after 17 Oct 1982Dorothy Hutchence Webb
1996Mary Clary Webb
Hermann City CemeteryRoark, MissouriOscar F. Koeller
Ida Langendoerfer
Julius Heinlein
Fred Koeller
Caroline Beck
after 20 Jul 1925Hugo Strehly
7 Nov 1926Caroline Kemper
Dorothea W. Koeller
Earl Hugo Strehly
August Langendoerfer
1932Gustave Koeller
Lucia Gaebler
after 28 Sep 1938Anna Langendoerfer
1942Armin Koeller Jr.
Julius Bareis
Herbert Hugo Langendoerfer
1 Apr 1971Flora Marie Schneider
Thekla Schuetz
Irwin H. Strehly
Eugene Haeffner
Martha Friedericke Langendoerfer
Hiddenite CemeteryHiddenite, North Carolinaafter 7 Jan 1888Jane Clary
Dovey Prudence Clary
after 29 Nov 1909Quintus Curtis Patterson
after 17 Jun 1924Harvey Jefferson Sloop
after 19 Feb 1934Isaac Lackey
after 28 Sep 1958Flossie Jane Kendall
after 22 Oct 1958Mary Ruth Goble
after 11 Feb 1966Parks Scott Lackey
after 22 Aug 1980Alma Patterson
after 2 Sep 1989William O. Goble
after 26 Mar 2002Frances Cecil Patterson
after 31 Dec 2002Quentin Washington Patterson
10 Dec 2005Claude Atwell Bunton
Hillcrest CemeteryRedkey, IndianaSamuel Wesley Current
after 14 Apr 1861Joseph Daniel Current
after 11 Apr 1866Rebecca Jones
after 7 Apr 1869Susan Comfort Andrew
after 19 Feb 1881Samuel Jones Currentmoved to Hill Crest cemetery by son Oscar
Clarista Evans
after 24 Jul 1892Agnes Berniece Current
after 15 May 1893Sarah Ellen Current
after 25 Sep 1895Lora May Bird
after 30 Apr 1898Cecil Vivian Barnell
after 30 Apr 1898Richard B. Barnell
Clara Grace Bird
27 Aug 1900Olen Barnell
after 22 Nov 1902Thomas Jefferson Helm
after 28 Dec 1902Ila Thornburg Lake
25 Apr 1903Eliza J. Hobson
after 19 Oct 1903Hannah Estella Eleandor Carder
after 19 Dec 1903Rachel C. Current
25 Jan 1904Daniel Bird
22 Dec 1904Etta V. DeArmond
after 6 Sep 1905Henry Oliver Current
30 Mar 1906William P. Barnell
after 31 Mar 1906Jacob Daugherty
27 Jun 1906James Riley Barnell
after 29 Aug 1909Susan Margaret Current
23 Apr 1911Marjorie Ordell Current
1912Annie Elizabeth Current
after 13 Jul 1913Clarinda Josephine Hoppes
1 Aug 1913Harold R. Barnell
after 7 Feb 1914William Current
27 Mar 1915Rebecca Lavina Lake
Benjamin Franklin Current
1 Jul 1920Mary Magdaline Current
1923Mary Jane Lake
17 Aug 1927William Adelma Dragoo
27 May 1928Cora Gay Main
after 3 Oct 1928William Norris Current
16 May 1930Reno Ivan French
12 Sep 1932Josephine Chodrick
1935Arthur W. Bird
17 Dec 1935Marilyn Jayne Barnell
1939Emaline W. Ball
1940Mary F. Current
after 3 Jul 1940Oscar James Current
1944Charley Ned Bird
after 26 Nov 1946Henry Isaac Current
9 Jan 1949Arminta Anne Barnell
9 May 1949Rosa Watson
after 1 Oct 1949Mary Bessie Wise
4 Oct 1949Watson Clark Current
1951John Russell Current
22 Feb 1954Daniel Rodolph Barnell
1955Albert F. Current
26 Aug 1958Laura Rose Sutton
1960George D. Current
1960Etha E. Andrews
after 27 Feb 1962Jessie Florence Current
1963Vida Novera Shepherd
after 3 Jul 1964Clement Laird Arthur
after 20 Aug 1964Agnes Anna Current
after 28 Oct 1964Harold Ayres
May 1966William Daniel Bird
16 May 1968Edna M. Barnell
6 Apr 1970Floyd Tabar Holmes
Oct 1973Clyde Donaldson Current
1974Alpha (Unknown)
8 Jul 1974Martha Lucile Current
1977Iris Starr
22 Jul 1977William A. Hance
7 Apr 1978Willard W. Current
1979Jay Max Current
1 Feb 1981William Sutton Barnell
1 Aug 1987Dorothy Blanche Daniels
26 Oct 1987Laura Sue Powell
29 Nov 1987Mary Eleanor Current
1988Charles Current
after 27 Jun 1991Lewis Leon Mullen
1 Jul 1992Jessie Olive Barnell
3 May 1993Helen Hope Arthur
1994Agnes Delene Kimmel
18 Oct 1995Hugh Carleton Barnett
after 2 Sep 1996Robert William Current
9 Oct 1996Lucene W. Current
after 3 Dec 1996Royce Truman Silvers
9 Apr 1997Hilbert Frantz Rogers
after 1 Apr 1998Harry Martin Wise
10 Jul 1998Dorothy Pauline Current
after 5 Nov 1999Mildred Current
5 Aug 2002Catherine Rosemary Remaklus
after 3 Mar 2005Virginia Irene Kilham
21 Jan 2006John Raymond Sears
17 Feb 2012Edward L. Mullen
Hurst Ranch CemeteryHamilton County, Texasafter 22 Dec 1918John Francis Clary
after 4 Jan 1929John Curtis Clary
14 Jun 1950Nancy Elizabeth Hubbard
after 30 Dec 1969Thelma Witty
after 3 Sep 1970Leroy Clary
27 Apr 1988Woodson Clary
after 13 Jul 2003James Woodson Clary
after 22 Sep 2009Choella Soules
Indian Creek Christian Church CemeteryLucerne, Indiana4 Mar 1923William Eugene Henderson
after 11 Apr 1939Bobby Bryan Henderson
after 11 Mar 1964Hanford M. Clary
Mar 1968Dewey C. Pharis
after 8 Jan 1969Benjamin M. Wasson
after 16 Aug 1974Henry Bryan Henderson
after 7 May 1980Ruby P. Hilkert
after 11 Apr 1986Vivian Hilkert
after 11 Sep 1989Irene Elma Hilkert
after 26 Jul 1990Jessie Pearl Day
Indian Creek Presbyterian CemeteryLucerne, Indanaafter 14 Dec 1874Martha J. Clary
after 17 Apr 1886David Conn
after 5 Aug 1886Della May Clary
after 25 Aug 1887Verdia Clary
after 5 Nov 1890David Newton Clary
1894Sarah E. Herbert
Oct 1898Isaac Newton Clary
1 Apr 1900Eliza Ellen Rush
after 4 May 1900Olive B. Clary
after 10 Apr 1912Rebecca Remley
after 16 Apr 1919John Washington Clary
after 17 Apr 1920Daniel Warren Clary
after 28 Mar 1923Jane Frances Clary
23 Dec 1923Rebecca Irene Clary
James Lemasters
after 17 Feb 1928Jacob William Clary
after 28 Jan 1931Walter L. Ingram
3 Feb 1931Lavina Marsh
21 Sep 1936Berdough E. Hilkert
after 3 Mar 1945Minnie Viola Clary
after 12 Jun 1960Hazel Hendryx
after 21 Jan 1963Oswald Katz
after 9 Jan 1965Mabel Clary
4 Dec 1970Roy J. Beattie
after 12 Dec 1970David C. Hirt
after 8 Feb 1974Esther Emery
after 1 Nov 1974Edith Clary
after 23 Jul 1975Earl Jamison
after 31 Jul 1982Russell Moris Nethercutt
after 22 Oct 1983Helene Lucille Berkshire
after 23 Oct 1995Eugene Earl Hilkert
after 26 Nov 1995David C. Hirt Jr
5 Dec 2002William Cecil Jamison
after 5 Apr 2010Martha Elizabeth Clary
3 Jul 2010Mary V. Bockover
Ioof CemeteryDunkirk, Indiana1911Mary Elizabeth Current
after 15 Feb 1911Abram Wilson Sutton
1938Joseph B. Carmin
1938Bernice Sutton
after 12 Sep 1939Martin Lincoln Wise
1954Loretta C. Rohlfing
after 27 Sep 1964Kenneth Roe Parker
Ivy Lawn Memorial ParkVentura, Californiaafter 3 Dec 1959William Hardin Higginbotham
1961Sarah Jane WhitneyPlot: Section E
after 20 Sep 1961Leslie W. Higginbotham
19 May 1964Nancy Jane (Unknown)
after 13 Sep 1987Dolores Mae HigginbothamPlot: Section H
after 11 Jan 1989Verla Viola Alberts
after 19 Jul 1996Herschel Austin HigginbothamPlot: Section K
after 24 May 1999Hazel Lee (Unknown)Plot: Section K
Jefferson Barracks National CemeterySaint Louis, Missouriafter 24 Aug 1913William Henry CurrentSection 4 #12383
after 3 Oct 1917Emma T. KullmeyerSection 4 #12383
after 7 Jan 1987Martin J. RenaudPlot: NN 0 388
19 Sep 1991Joan Cosentino
after 2 Oct 2006Cleo Autry ClaySection 1CC, Site 30
after 18 Jun 2009Francis Richard Bunkers
23 Jul 2010Elmer William Bunkers
13 Nov 2013Giovannina ScarfinoSection 1CC, Site 30
Killeen City CemeteryKilleen, Texasafter 18 Dec 1919Susan Jane Cates
after 27 May 1930Robert Jeptha Adams
after 27 May 1944Susan Jane Clary
after 2 Dec 1973Ira J. Adams
after 7 Nov 1975William P. McBride
after 9 Sep 1983Abraham Marshall Blair
after 22 Jan 1994May Belle Adams
after 15 Apr 1997Altha Alice Brown
after 21 Nov 1998Margaret Florine Medart
after 31 Mar 1999Gladys Dixie Adams
Knoxville CemeteryPendleton County, Kentuckyafter 29 Mar 1880Albertus W. Simpson
after 17 Nov 1903Marie Louise Carlisle
after 5 Feb 1907Benjamin Northcutt
after 8 Mar 1917Joshua Hilman Simpson
after 16 Dec 1922Agustine Guilbert
after 20 Jul 1923Minnie Lee Simpson
after 7 Dec 1942Rosetta Louisa Simpson
after 9 Aug 1945Eva L. Simpson
Lawrence Chapel CemeteryGreasy Ridge, Ohio1881Jane M. James
after 30 Aug 1885Turner Clary
1890Mary Jane Clary
after 26 Jun 1897William Clary
Oct 1899Samuel Clary
1903Martha Elizabeth Clary
after 11 May 1907Ida M. Harris
after 12 Jun 1907Charles E. Finch
1913James W. Clary
after 8 Jul 1915William Clary
after 26 Jul 1919Mahala Jane Fowler
after 30 May 1921Elizabeth Jane Clary
Rhoda Henderson Sanders
after 27 Mar 1936Jasper N. Clary
26 Jun 1936Clarisse Finch
after 9 Feb 1947Roxania Clary
after 5 Apr 1949Lena May Garland
after 28 Jun 1956Creed William Shafer
after 20 Aug 1963Lotie M. Sheets
after 5 Nov 1999Oyer Clary
Lee's Summit Historical CemeteryLee's Summit, Missouriafter 6 Jan 1948Alfonso Edward Leach
after 16 Aug 1952Clara Maude Current
after 1 Nov 1952Bruce Clifford Stonum
after 1 Nov 1973Bruce Conrad Stonum
after 1 Feb 1981Gladys Lorayne Leach
after 11 Jul 1984Wilma Alfonso Leach
1988George Melvin Stonum
1991Oather Edwin Wood
Liberty United Methodist Church CemeteryAlexander County, North Carolina1858Eli Sloopeunmarked grave
after 12 May 1870Westley Henderson Lackey
after 19 Jan 1886Thomas Patterson
after 31 Jul 1898Catherine Amelia Clary
between 1900 and 1910Sarah Victoria Claryunmarked grave
after 2 Dec 1909Cary Angeline Sloopunmarked grave
after 29 Nov 1913Mary M. A. Correll
after 7 May 1914Elizabeth Salemi Sloop
after 13 Nov 1915Peter Allison Sloop
after 23 Jul 1917Susan J. Blankenship
after 10 Jul 1930William E. Hoyle Sloop
after 26 Feb 1963Anges Leona Sides
Lincoln CemeteryKnoxville, Iowaafter 20 Apr 1939Isaac Current
after 31 Dec 1939Charles Augustus Current
1956Robert J. Current
after 4 Apr 2001Helen Melrose Current
after 19 Jun 2002David Wayne Current
17 Feb 2009Rosalie Joyce Deitrick
Lincoln Memorial ParkLincoln, Nebraskaafter 21 Sep 1940Martha Matilda Current
after 29 Jan 1945Mary Caroline Robotham
after 29 Apr 1946Robert John Robotham
after 2 Jul 1959William Moses Robotham
after 31 Oct 1970Barbara Faye Robotham
after 23 Aug 1975Ethel Emily Knight
after 25 Aug 1975Alfred Verne Robotham
after 5 Apr 1977Helen Ruth Robotham
after 4 Nov 1984Anne V. Robotham
after 20 May 1995Lily Ethel Mills
after 20 Jun 1998Alberta Hudson
after 2 Dec 2001Leigh Nelson Tuttle
after 23 Apr 2002Eugene Rada
21 Oct 2008Beverly Ann Vosler
after 29 Jul 2013Gloria Jean Campbell
Linganore CemeteryUnionville, Marylandafter 16 Nov 1857Nathan Browning
Nettie C. Clary
after 8 Jun 1883Elizabeth Clary
after 23 Jun 1896Jonathan Browning
after 29 Jan 1897Mary Ann Clary
after 31 May 1936Dora M. Clary
after 2 Oct 1940Laura N. Urner
after 23 Jun 1946Jesse Edgar Clary
Loudon Park CemeteryBaltimore, Marylandafter 26 Feb 1904Richard Gassoway Clary
after 27 Apr 1905Annie E. Deuber
Jan 1912Samuel F. Clark Jr.
16 Jul 1912Amy G. Clark
after 13 May 1913James Edgar Buffington
Feb 1922Mary Catherine Clary
1928Edward F. Hearn
after 3 Aug 1935Clementine Virginia Brashear
1940Fannie V. Clary
after 13 Oct 1942Francis J. Clary
after 20 Oct 1951Rosalie Keseling
31 Dec 1962Margaret Deuber
after 22 Jul 1965Noble Conrad Clary
Jul 1966Gordon Brett Littlepage
21 Apr 1967Frank J. Clary
after 4 Dec 1971Milton F. Clary
after 21 Feb 1973Ursula Mary Hofstetter
28 Sep 1978Sadie M. SpurrierPlot: Primrose 857
after 4 Jan 1983Bertha F. Clary
1984Marjorie V. Littlepage
Oct 1986Zelda Virginia Clary
Lynch CemeteryNewell Township, Illinoisafter 20 Aug 1844Malinda Current
after 24 Aug 1844Lucinda Current
after 6 Aug 1851William W. Current
after 14 Oct 1858Martha Shroaf
after 6 Oct 1864Mary J. Current
after 5 Jul 1870Melissa Current
Mary Bastian
after 3 Jun 1894Henry B. Current
Maple Grove CemeteryCherokee, Oklahomaafter 14 Sep 1899Sarah C. Gannon
after 29 Oct 1906Gilbert Fuller
1947James Allan Gannon
after 14 Sep 1954Alonzo Perry Gannon
after 19 Mar 1955Susan Elizabeth Gannon
after 14 Mar 1956Alfred Louis Gannon
after 24 Aug 1959Mary Ada Gannon
after 23 Dec 1964Margaret Belle Dupus
after 11 Jun 1967Edna J. Gannon
after 7 Jul 1992Leota May Gannon
Marion National CemeteryMarion, Indiana28 Oct 1986Nicole Jennifer BarnellSection 1, Site 39A
after 1 Jun 1988Roy Andrew Ellis
after 21 Mar 2000Merlin L. MughmawSection 9, Row 17, Plot 336
19 Jul 2012Larry Alan HirtPlot: Section CS-3, Row 7, Plot 92
27 Aug 2016Linda Darlene Porter
Masonic CemeteryState Line, Indiana21 Aug 1902Martin Washington Current
after 6 Aug 1913Mary Ann Olehy
after 19 Dec 1923Sarah A. Current
after 21 Jun 1933Rufus F. Hacker
after 4 Jan 1934Albert Hacker
17 Aug 1974Ida E. Fields
Maumee CemeteryGibson County, Indianaafter 14 Apr 1865Greenberry Simpson
after 4 Feb 1875John Simpson
after 22 Dec 1876Mary A. Hamilton Denby
after 30 Jan 1883Parthenia Waters
after 9 Feb 1885William Herring Simpson
after 15 Mar 1894Alfred Simpson
after 18 Jul 1911Francis Marion Garrett
after 29 Jan 1924Louisa Simpson
27 Jul 1951John Lawrence Simpson
1960Emma J. York
Mays Lick CemeteryMays Lick, Kentuckyafter 3 Apr 1948Anna Myrtle Clary
after 17 Nov 1949Michael Pierce Roe
after 23 Aug 1954Georgia Ann Pollitt
after 10 Feb 1957Paul Clary Parker
after 14 Sep 1959Robert Andrew Clary
after 9 May 1975Stella Mae Beckett
after 10 Jun 1975Verlah Jean Parker
after 22 Aug 2004James Everett May
Memorial Park CemeteryDalhart, Texas7 Nov 1963Emil GumperPlot: Sec 1 r 13 sp 17
10 Feb 1964Walter Phillip GumperPlot: Sec 1 r 13 sp 27
after 30 Apr 1965Raymond Harold Bacot
after 9 May 1978Edith Estell Wilsonsec 2 row 29 sp 26
Clara Eliza McKeePlot: Sec 1 r 13 sp 18
after 26 May 1988Hulda Sophie Charlotte LangendoerferPlot: Sec 1 r 13 sp 26
after 22 Mar 2006Forrest Milton Gumper
after 9 Aug 2006Calvin Monroe Ballinger
after 9 Apr 2010Mildred Ruth Gumper
Milton Smith CemeteryMilton, Illinoisafter 11 Dec 1942Fredrick Clary
1950Ollie A. McCann
1970Carrie A (Unknown)
after 8 Jan 1972Robert Pearl Clary
1978Ada Bell Clary
Mooreland CemeteryHenry County, Indiana1886Willie Claud WatersPlot 1-28A
after 19 Feb 1894James Leonard WatersPlot 1-28D
Orville A. Current
after 28 Feb 1900Cora Lee WatersPlot 0-109A
after 18 Dec 1908Margaret Jones CurrentPlot 1-28B
after 12 Jan 1910Sarah Ann WatersPlot 1-28E
after 1 Jul 1910John Graham
after 1 Sep 1918Mary A. Hart
Sep 1920Levada SmithPlot 1-124B
after 21 Oct 1923James William Current
after 21 Oct 1932George Morrison Waters
Amanda Turner
after 12 Sep 1934Frank Leslie WatersPlot 1-124A
after 3 Mar 1936Coleman Peter WatersPlot 0-109F
Henry L. Current
after 22 Nov 1940Edith Clara Hiatt
after 25 Jul 1941Anna Laura Eckard
1943Elida F. GrahamPlot 0-109C
after 13 Mar 1943Nellie Edith Acker
after 23 Jun 1943Jacob AckerPlot: 2-174F
1945Lewis Henry AckerPlot: 1-152D
after 17 Nov 1947Alvira A. Current
Jun 1950Madge Luellen
after 1 Jul 1950Roby C. Pittenger
1951Ernest Elsworth AckerPlot: 2-174D
16 Oct 1953Serena Bechtelheimer
after 29 Dec 1954Robert C. WatersPlot 1-27D
after 8 Aug 1956Charles WatersPlot 1-27E
after 1 Feb 1959Evert Ray AckerPlot: 2-173F
1961Marion W. Current
1964Rozella Grace ConwellPlot: 1-152C
after 13 Apr 1969Cecil Earl WatersPlot 0-109C
21 Feb 1972Herchel Turner
after 30 Oct 1973Wilbur Norris WatersPlot 1-124E
after 13 Jan 1977Kenneth L. WatersPlot 0-109D
after 10 Oct 1978Nellie ReecePlot 0-109B
after 4 Aug 1991Maude S. WilliamsPlot 1-27F
after 13 Feb 2000Russell WatersPlot 1-124C
Mount Carmel CemeteryMount Carmel, KentuckyBettie E. Reeder
after 9 Dec 1887Martha Elizabeth Bassett
Joel T. Luman
after 28 Jul 1904Harriet N. Clary
1911Mary E. Horn
16 Aug 1911Alfred Clary
after 30 Mar 1912James Monroe Clary
George William Clary
after 16 Oct 1924Amos Owen Clary
after 25 May 1934Jennie Perkins
after 5 Feb 1946Dennis Martin May
after 26 May 1949Victoria Lynn May
after 9 May 1966Myrtle Belmont Kaufman
after 14 Jul 1973Winnie C. Clary
after 4 Aug 1976John Monroe Clary
after 21 Jan 1978Melvin Clary
after 12 Feb 1979Page S. Clary
after 25 Sep 1985James Adams McCord
after 2 Feb 1986Hershel DeLong
after 28 Dec 1987Leslie Howard Meyer
after 14 Aug 1994William Howard Browning
after 26 Mar 2005Eugene Curtis DeLong
after 7 Dec 2010Anna Alice Clary
21 Jul 2015Ruth Imogene DeLong
11 Dec 2015Irvin F. DeLong
31 Mar 2016Naomi Gertrude Clary
Mount Hope CemeteryKansas City, Kansas10 Mar 1924Elizabeth Free
19 Apr 1926Anna Elizabeth WiseSection 17, Lot 21
30 Sep 1927Thekla Marie Bessel
5 Jul 1928John V. Heller
31 Jan 1930Coolie P. GreeneGrave 2, Lot 1, Sec 66
14 Jan 1933Theckla Heller
12 Feb 1934Gustav Hinze
27 May 1935Edward William Hinze
9 Jan 1940Christine ZimmermanSection 135A, Grave 4, Lot 8
12 Dec 1954Peter George Hinze
11 Mar 1961Christina Lorfing
26 Feb 1968John Joseph Hinze
16 Apr 1973Frank Norman Hinze
4 Oct 1980Anna Lee Ralston
21 Apr 1981Rebecca Baker Simpson
5 Jun 1981Laura Pauline Ramsden
14 Sep 1983Sharil G. Hinze
16 Feb 1987Carl George Hinze
8 Jan 1988Edgar Franklin Harrisson Simpson
Mount Hope CemeteryLogansport, Indianaafter 18 Oct 1878Cassius Newel Vachel ClaryPlot: 13-0788-03
after 23 Apr 1882Blanche W. ThomasPlot: 13-0788-
after 9 Sep 1886John Briggs ClaryPlot: 13-0788-04
after 14 Oct 1888William MichaelPlot: 13-0368-W1
after 10 Jun 1894Thornby MichaelPlot: 12-0250-01
Aroline RobertsPlot: 13-0788-02
after 21 Aug 1897William Deveron ClaryPlot: 13-0416-05
20 Mar 1898Narcissa WoodsPlot 12
after 14 Feb 1900Margaret ClaryPlot: 13-0368 -W2
after 5 Mar 1904Rachel Ann ClaryPlot: 12-0250-02
30 Nov 1910Elizabeth Jane WardPlot: 13-0416-06
23 Apr 1913John Conn Clary
after 20 Mar 1914Anna Elizabeth IrwinPlot: 13-0416-08
after 10 Feb 1916Lloyd Byron Sturgeon
after 19 Nov 1918Helen Frances StoutPlot: 12-0723-03
after 4 Nov 1922Robert M. MillerPlot: 12-0723-06
after 20 May 1927Margaret Elizabeth ClaryPlot: 10-0262-02
after 2 Nov 1927James Arthur SturgeonPlot: 10-0262-03
after 25 Mar 1930Aroline Sarah ClaryPlot: 13-0788-05
10 Nov 1930George Edwin ClaryPlot: 13-0416-07
after 15 Jan 1932William Irwin Clary
after 25 May 1933Harriett Frances ClaryPlot: 12-0723-05
after 2 Nov 1936John Thomas ClaryPlot: 13-0909-08
after 16 Feb 1939Louis Llewellyn DeMuthPlot: 13-0416-01
1940John Franklin ClaryPlot: 10-0092-01
1940Emma Isabelle ClaryPlot: 13-0416-02
1940John Warren ClaryPlot: 13-0777-03
1941Laura Eveline ClaryPlot: 13-0788-02
1943George W. StoutPlot: 12-0723-02
4 Jan 1943Fannie A. ThomasPlot: 13-0788-01
after 15 Feb 1945Lillian Deveron ClaryPlot: 12-0723-01
after 25 Nov 1946Ella V. TwomeyPlot: 13-0909-07
after 6 Nov 1947Charlotte Clary
1949Ettie M. UhlPlot: 10-0092-02
1950Edward S. MessingerPlot: 13-0788-01
after 4 May 1959George W. Palmer
1962Frances E. SturgeonPlot: 10-0262-04
1966Elizabeth FlynnPlot: 13-0909-02
after 21 Dec 1967Lucille BillmanPlot: 06-0664 -03
after 27 Jun 1968Mary Anna ConnPlot: 13-0777-04
after 9 Nov 1968Larry Max Wirwahn
after 29 Oct 1969Cecil Raymond Clary
after 11 Jan 1971Paul L. Mayrose
Sep 1971Earl Thomas ClaryPlot: 08-0168-04
Dec 1972Paul Conn ClaryPlot: 13-0909-01
1976Margaret BoroughsPlot: 13-0898-A2
3 Feb 1976Jane E. Davis
after 23 Dec 1979Laura B. PorterPlot: 10-0027 -08
after 23 Sep 1982Virginia E. Clary
1984Lela B. Scales
after 6 Jan 1986Glen Uhl ClaryPlot: 06-0664 -04
Feb 1986Robert J. ClaryPlot: 13-0898-A1
after 26 Feb 1986Barbara Ann MaroneyPlot: 06-0455-02
after 1 Oct 1987Marie Kennedy
after 14 Sep 1992Cecil Raymond Clary Jr.Plot: 13-0898-A6
after 17 Jan 1993Luana V. Clary
after 24 Jan 1996Gerald A. Clary
after 18 Jan 2001Raymond Ernest WolfordPlot: 08-0329 -03
after 20 Jun 2002Alma Mae Farrer
after 5 Nov 2002Norman Lee WolfordPlot: 06-0438-04
after 23 Jan 2009Shirley J. HousePlot: 07-0239 -03
after 7 Sep 2011Ruth Eileen GaumerPlot: 06-0438-04
Mount Hope CemeteryRipley, Oklahomaafter 13 Mar 1897Ezra Boyd Armstrong
after 8 Mar 1905George William Clary
after 28 May 1906Clary Edith Snyder
after 5 Oct 1906Edna M. Potter
after 15 Jan 1919Harry Boyd Sackett
after 8 May 1923Roscoe Potter Jr.
23 May 1924Martha Jane Clary
after 7 Jan 1956John Harley Daugherty
after 27 Jan 1987Hettie Alice Purscell
Mount Olive CemeteryTroy, Kansasafter 19 Jun 1934Edward ClaryPlot: NAW
after 9 Dec 1959Charlotte Leota YoungPlot: NAW
after 28 Jul 1969Louis Walker Clary
1976Mabel Elvina SmithPlot: FAE
after 18 Jul 1978John William Clary
after 19 Jan 1985Charles Isaac Clary
1992Elsie May CowhickPlot: FAE
after 7 Dec 2002Ronald L. Clary
after 23 Mar 2003Leota Clary
after 14 Jul 2006Alfred Mason Huss
Mount Olivet CemeteryFrederick County, Marylandafter 12 Feb 1872Raymond Nicodemus
after 25 Apr 1880Helen Monroe Nicodemus
after 22 May 1914William Henry Nicodemus
after 20 Dec 1919America Eugenia Browning
13 May 1949John Nelson Clary
31 Oct 1952Adelaide M. Hammond
Mount Pleasant Church CemeterySelma, Indianaafter 19 Dec 1866Rachel Jane Lewellenold section
George Washington Current
1896Edith Current
after 27 Mar 1902Elizabeth Lewellyn
May 1908Cora Alice Hoover
after 3 Mar 1921John Wesley Current
after 8 Aug 1922Margaret B. Norris
1941Schuyler Colfax Current
Mount Vernon CemeteryJay County, Indianaafter 11 Oct 1840James W. Current
after 10 Oct 1843Mary E. Current
after 11 Feb 1857Samuel C. Current
after 22 Jul 1866Rebecca E. Keener
after 15 Nov 1877Rebecca Ellen Current
Nashville CemeteryNashville, Missouri8 Sep 1955Clyde Almond Thomas
after 27 Aug 1973Cynthia Ann Simpson
after 6 Oct 1994John Archer Thomas
after 12 Nov 1994Clyde Holly Thomas
after 15 Oct 1999Alta Cosma Thomas
21 Jan 2004Wanda Dudgeon
after 5 May 2008Julia A. Woods
New Ulm City CemeteryNew Ulm, Minnesotaafter 6 Jan 1917Henrich Ludwig Runck
after 2 Jun 1928Maria Anna Schwinn
1935Orelle Merkle
after 16 Nov 1943Galen Keith Merkle
after 2 Dec 1957Thomas Stephen Merkle
after 16 Oct 1983Giles Gene Merkle
after 4 Feb 1998Muriel Merkle
7 Apr 2004Robert Bruce Runck Jr.
after 9 Jul 2010Coreen June Merkle
after 26 Jan 2017Ruth Elaine Runck
Newcastle CemeteryNewcastle, Texasafter 21 Nov 1918Mary Belle Emberlin
after 30 Jan 1945Betty Jean Current
after 29 Jul 1957George Washington Funderburk III
after 29 Nov 1957Fannie Lula Funderburk
26 Sep 1960Calthey Adalincie Funderburk
after 12 Oct 1965Jerry George Current
after 4 Nov 1967Bobbie Jerrell Current
after 19 Mar 1979Charles Valentine Wampler
after 15 Nov 2003Opal June Current
Newton CemeteryVernon County, Missouriafter 2 Aug 1942Stephen Anson Current
after 26 Jan 1945George Anson Current
after 13 Dec 1947Laura Jean Stone
after 28 Dec 1953Paul David Current
after 24 Apr 1955Jeffrey L. Current
after 14 Mar 1961Melisia Diane Current
after 22 Feb 1962Paul Haskell Current
after 9 May 1962Leona Mae Johannes
after 23 Jul 1982Emma Jane Harris
Elizabeth Lorraine Roberts
after 26 Sep 1986William Whisler
after 28 Feb 1991Marjorie Pauline Current
after 26 Dec 1992Ronald Earl Current
after 28 Nov 1996Robert Burl Current
Nocona CemeteryNocona, Texasafter 5 May 1910Sarah Ann Johnson
after 12 Aug 1919Newton Leon Clary
1925(Baby Girl) Smith
after 15 Dec 1926Lela Smith
after 20 Nov 1933Dreyfus Foster Smith
after 19 May 1939Lucy Jane Hadley
after 2 Oct 1943Pocahontas Benjamin Smith
after 16 Nov 1949Lee Restus Smith
after 11 Apr 1952Eva Ann Lemons
after 2 Feb 1955Anna Alice Clary
after 18 Feb 1964Charley Alexander Clary
after 20 Jun 1966Enoch Wilburn Clary
28 Mar 1969Newt Leonard Clary
after 18 Feb 1974John Quincy Clary
after 8 Aug 1977Esker Budge Honeycutt
after 13 Dec 1979Bruce Clary
after 5 Jan 1983Pearl Phipps
after 27 Jul 1987Gene Autry Smith
after 20 Dec 1987Pearl Denim
after 7 Sep 1990Bobby Don Smith
after 1 Jul 1992Leoma Lemons
after 7 Dec 1992Thelma O. Clary
20 May 2004Warren G. Clary
after 4 Sep 2009Enoch Tilton Honeycutt
after 27 May 2011Johnnie Mae Dickson
after 15 Jul 2012Verda Lou Bailey
Northwood CemeteryCambridge, OhioLydia Marie Clary
after 8 Nov 1908(son) Bebout
Robert Campton
Jacob C. Cochran
after 5 Jan 1939Jerusha Jane Johnson
1954William Arthur Bebout
Rosetta Johnson
after 11 Jan 1962Clarence Edward Clary
after 3 Jun 1967Mary Ellen Bebout
Lillian Marie Ellen Cochran
after 21 Sep 1991Hazel Irene Ryan
after 17 Jul 1998William Archie Ryan
after 11 Sep 2005William Arthur Bebout
after 21 Feb 2012Lois Marion Short
after 5 Jun 2016Judith Ann Bebout
Oak Haven Memorial GardensHermann, MissouriWilliam Leslie Maupin
1967Milford H. Grannemann
Ida L. Metzger
Edwin Huxol
Allen Preiss
Jul 1984Charles E. Heinlein
4 Jul 1989Charles Edward Harry Horstmann
after 11 Dec 1990Nelda Rulie
Elda Marie Bopp
23 Jan 1999Flora Schmidt
11 Aug 2007Burnell Stanley Horstmann
after 27 Aug 2008Donald D. Gumper
after 1 Jan 2009Georgia Lee Fertig
Oak Lawn CemeterySturgis, Michiganafter 13 Jan 1970Agnes P. Hubbard
after 18 Apr 1973Roy J. Van Meter
after 24 Jun 1979Cora Alverda Barnell
after 7 May 1980Homer Van Meter
after 9 Sep 1983Leon John Westphal
7 Jul 1988Carmen Hazel Roberts
after 27 Dec 2002Verona Leona Christner
after 18 Apr 2003Douglas Eugene Harker
27 Apr 2012Howard Eugene Harker
1 Jun 2012Dorothy Jean Westphal
Oakland CemeteryPetersburg, Illinoisafter 11 Apr 1919Jasper N. Rutledge
after 12 Jun 1921John Henry Clary
after 23 Feb 1923Martha Jane Clary
after 1 Mar 1923Dillie Frances Caldwell
after 14 Jan 1937Catherine S. Rutledge
after 11 Jul 1952Marion Braham Clary
after 15 Sep 1955Delcie Clary Bartles
after 25 Dec 1955Leonadaes Abraham Clary
after 10 May 1976Elizabeth Fern Clary
after 14 Oct 1978Henrietta Louetta Clary
after 14 Dec 1978Warren L. Messett
after 2 Sep 1991Delcie Clary
Oakley CemeteryOakley, Kansasafter 24 Mar 1904Hazel Reba Daw
Bertha Leone Clary
after 5 Sep 1950Thomas James Daw
after 10 Jun 1956Edwin Adelbert Daw
after 29 Mar 1996Bertha Weigel
15 Nov 2003Roman Andrew Schwebach
Oakwood CemeteryAustin, Minnesotaafter 25 Nov 1905Estaline Barnell
1928Forrest Jones
1945Harry Jones
after 20 Apr 1982Earl Coy Padelford
after 2 Jun 1996Gladys May Jones
Oakwood CemeteryCisco, Texasafter 23 Jan 1961William Carrol Pippen
after 21 Feb 1962Cora Bell Clary
after 23 Jan 1964Bessie Vera Webb
after 31 Oct 1968Charles Eddy Pippen
after 20 Jul 1985Cleo Grace Pippen
after 27 Feb 1990Thomas Elmer Lisenbee
after 3 Jul 1992Clifford Roswell Pippen
after 19 Apr 2000Martha Catherine Boatman
14 Dec 2001Stella Oretha Pippen
Old Concord CemeteryPetersburg, Illinoisafter 9 May 1840Rhoda Armstrong
after 15 Oct 1841Arsenna Elmore
after 4 Aug 1847John W. Clary
after 29 Aug 1847Henry Clary
after 15 Oct 1852Andrew Jackson Clary
after 8 Oct 1854Katherine Elizabeth Clary
after 26 Aug 1856Mary M. Clary
after 17 Sep 1856John Carrol Clary
after 11 Jan 1857Julia E. Clary
after 8 Jan 1859Robert F. Clary
after 10 May 1859Elizabeth Clary
after 15 Jul 1859John Clary
after 13 Aug 1859John C. Clary
1860Holte Clary
between 1860 and 1866Eve Tibbs
5 Mar 1860John Swearingen Clary Jr.
after 3 Aug 1860Catherine Caroline Scholshaffer
after 14 Apr 1861Sarah E. Senter
after 16 Nov 1861Emarine Clary
after 19 May 1862James H. Clary
after 12 Aug 1863William A. H. Clary
Nancy Jane Tibbs
29 Jun 1916Deborah A. King
Old Union CemeteryLincoln, Illiinoisafter 20 Feb 1925Nancy Elizabeth Musick
after 30 Jul 1940Grace I. Harmon
after 2 Jan 1962Rufus H. Barnette
Nov 1984Mariam Louisa Barnette
Kenneth David Brugman
Owensville CemeteryOwensville, Indiana1886Davie F. LeisterPlot: Sec. CE Row 6
after 18 Oct 1891Charles Lewis Sprague
after 17 Jan 1895Callie C. Sprague
after 21 Apr 1913Permelia Simpson
after 25 Nov 1917Alfred W. Sprague
1935Harvey Harmon
1938Sophronia Stores SpraguePlot: Sec. CE Row 6
1941John W. Harmon
1941Nora Elsie McGinnis
1953Hiram A. LeisterPlot: Sec. CE Row 6
after 8 May 1967Warren W. Barnette
1984Julia E. Harmon
after 24 Mar 1985Ann Myers
Payne CemeteryThornton, West Virginiaafter 27 Jun 1907John Emory Current
after 27 Jan 1916Luvina Jane Thorne
5 Sep 1923Mamie Kathleen Current
23 Nov 1924Thornsberry Bailey
1928John Bailey
20 Dec 1932Sarah Ann McDaniel
6 Jun 1935Isaac Current
27 Jun 1950Delia Virginia Harvey
after 25 Jun 1952William Columbus Current
1954Sallie (Unknown)
16 Oct 1963Grace Warden Schrout
Petrolia CemeteryPetrolia, Texasafter 10 Mar 1935Lee Roy Current
1 Mar 1940Vallie Maude Fawks
after 31 Aug 1965David Owen Current
after 20 Jun 1968Naomi Louise Woolever
after 13 Apr 1971Willie John Watts
after 16 Nov 1987Donald Glenn Current
after 3 Apr 1995Elmer Isaiah Helm
after 5 Aug 1998Willie Mayo
Pine Grove CemeteryMount Airy, MarylandMorgan G. Clary
Clara A. Horn
Maurice Edwin Clary
Snethan L. Clary
Clara E. (Unknown)
Harris Elmer Clary
Tony Clifford Clary
Pipe Creek Church of the Brethren CemeteryUnion Bridge, Marylandafter 17 Jul 1939Charles Evans ElyPlot: D01-17a
after 10 Jan 1944William Clay Rinehart
after 12 Jul 1959Minnie Gertrude Buffington
1963Metta Rodella BuffingtonPlot: D01-17b
Dec 1970Harry Edgar Nicholson Jr.
after 14 Apr 1975John Raymond Buffington JrPlot: C01-24
after 25 Nov 1997Ruth E. ElyPlot: D01-17d
29 Dec 2007Kathleen Maria Babylon
Pleasant Hill CemeteryBurns, Missouriafter 6 Mar 1925John Wesley Higginbotham
after 30 Apr 1943Ellen C. Pate
after 5 Feb 1961Thomas Wilson Higginbotham
1971Grace Ahart
after 1 Jun 1975Anna Elizabeth Higginbotham
Pleasant Hill CemeteryPleasant Hill, Missouriafter 8 Nov 1906Eliza Ann LawsonPlot: 8-676
after 8 Nov 1907Gerard Jackson ClaryPlot: 8-676
after 8 Aug 1972Roy Dee Clary Jr.
after 16 May 1979Roy Dee Clary
after 4 Aug 1993Gail Pauline Bradley
Pleasant Hill CemeteryWaco, Missouriafter 3 Apr 1975Rosie Voletta Thomas
after 12 Sep 1984Floyd Harley Harry
after 21 Mar 1987Emil R. Stockton
after 30 Sep 1989J. Spiral Wright
after 18 Jan 1995Pansie Emogene Thomas
after 6 Apr 1998Mae Madeline Harry
Pleasant Retreat CemeterySmith County, Texas7 Dec 1906Dortha Perdue Clary
5 Mar 1921Willard Ruben Luther
after 3 Jan 1934Ruben Henry Luther
after 18 Sep 1944Onroe Hansel Luther
2 Oct 1962Bertha Georgeann Wall
after 17 Oct 1972Onroe Lee Luther
after 16 May 2003Dorothy Perdue Luther
18 Jan 2014Helen Wagner
3 Oct 2014Calvin Raymond Luther
Powers CemeteryPrairie Township, IndianaSamuel Jones
after 21 Oct 1843Naomi Powers
after 14 Oct 1846Nehemiah Powers
after 28 Apr 1852Eliza J. Rogers
after 20 Mar 1858Eliza A. Powers
after 25 Jan 1861Cassandra Holland
William Johnson Powers
after 9 Jun 1863Rebecca Jones
after 23 Nov 1880Amanda Polsley
after 8 Dec 1884Peter Dragoo
after 11 Aug 1888Martha Jones
1903James Current Powers
1913Martha J. Steward
Prospect CemeteryMount Airy, MarylandJesse Edgar Clary
after 9 Sep 1851Reuben Clary
Elizabeth Longsworth
Sarah C. Clary
after 14 May 1860Mary E. Clary
after 2 Oct 1860Theodocia Runkel
after 28 Nov 1865Catherine Clary
after 2 Dec 1867Sarah Engle
Mary Ann Weedon
after 22 Nov 1872Sarah C. Condon
Solomon Lycurgus Clary
after 1 Apr 1877Lenna May Clary
after 3 Feb 1880Vance Henry Clary
after 1 Aug 1882Benedict Clary
after 5 Oct 1887Frederick S. Clary
Sophia Mercer
after 23 Apr 1889Moses Clary
Nathan Clary
after 17 Sep 1889Eleanor Poole
James A. Clary
after 7 Nov 1897Barbara Ann Garrott
after 29 Aug 1898Dennis P. Clary
after 19 Nov 1898Henry M. Clary
Hanson Clary
after 27 Mar 1902Juliet Virginia
after 20 Apr 1902Aaron Clary
Weedon Clary
after 7 Feb 1907Sarah E. (Unknown)
Sarah C. Hood
after 21 Apr 1909Mary E. (Unknown)
after 14 Feb 1911David M. Devilbiss
after 9 Sep 1912Reuben Thomas Clary
Sarah E. VanSant
after 29 Nov 1917Aubrey H. Clary
Laura V. (Unknown)
1924Oliver M. Clary
1924Lycurgus Clary
1924Charles A. Clary
after 26 Oct 1925Eliza M. Clary
1927Henry W. Clary
1935Elizabeth E. (Unknown)
after 21 Apr 1941Raymond Walter Clary
after 28 Apr 1951Elsie E. (Unknown)
after 20 Dec 1951Ernest L. Clary
1956Sara Elizabeth Clary
after 8 Apr 1956Emma A. Dorsey
after 25 Feb 1957Emma Cordella Purdum
after 7 Apr 1969Eunice E. (Unknown)
after 10 Sep 1971William Willett Leach
after 28 Feb 1974Nathan Monroe Clary
after 3 Jun 1977Hilda A. Clary
after 30 Aug 1990Larue M. Clary
after 1 Feb 1996Olive Irene Clary
Richland Center CemeteryRichland Center, Wisconsinafter 30 Jul 1913Fred J. ClaryPlot: C.P. 127
after 13 Oct 1918Hazel Clary
Samuel W. Clary
after 16 Apr 1924Catherine Ann Bucy
after 20 Jan 1926Bernard William ClaryPlot: C.P. 44
after 15 Jul 1942Charles Perrigo ClaryPlot: C.P. 80
after 7 Jun 1943William Clarence ClaryPlot: C.P. 44
after 4 Aug 1964Emma Marie BorchardtPlot: C.P. 44
after 5 Feb 1972Richard Samuel ClaryPlot: C.P. 44
after 13 Nov 1979Genevieve Clary
Riverside National CemeteryRiverside, Californiaafter 30 Jun 1966Melvin Eugene Skinner
after 14 Dec 1977Martha Geraldine ClaryPlot: section 12 site 278
after 28 Mar 2000John Walter Bezusko
after 2 Sep 2007John Charles StrattonPlot: section 12 site 278
29 Nov 2012Johnnie Colleen Ham
Robinson CemeteryMontague County, TexasJan 1918Silvia Clary
after 24 Dec 1921Oscar Clary
after 19 Dec 1922Enoch Wilburn Clary
after 1 May 1933Marcelus Van Aken
after 10 Dec 1936Martha Lucinda East
after 19 Oct 1945Lonnie S. Hadley
9 Mar 1957William Quincy Clary
after 8 Apr 1957Lonnie Clary
Rochester I.O.O.F. CemeteryRochester, Indianaafter 2 Mar 1921Nevada Belle Williams
28 Jul 1929Elbert Elihu Clary
8 Jan 1954Jane Ann Clary
26 Sep 1956Elnora Elvina Black
17 Aug 1961Elva Grace Lowe
23 Dec 1974Harvey F. Clary Sr.
after 12 Feb 1990Alice June Miller
19 Jan 1993Richard L. Clary
Rock Creek CemeterySomervell County, Texasafter 1 May 1926Emma Augusta Clary
after 9 Apr 1955Velma Avis Hawkins
after 11 Mar 1958Garvin Dewey Keenum
after 7 May 1958William Monroe Hawkins
after 16 Oct 1961Amos Hubert Hawkins
after 10 Feb 1981Ira Stanley Plummer
after 2 Oct 1982Herman Vinson Hawkins
after 2 Jan 1996Attie J. Hawkins
after 18 Feb 1996Hallie Lucille Williams
6 Oct 2010Alvin Hubert Hawkins
Rose Hill CemeteryPetersburg, Illinois8 Jul 1902Ora Ella Williams
after 31 May 1914Enos Allen Clary
after 26 Nov 1915Minerva W. Sheppard
after 28 Dec 1928Julia Ann Mattingly
after 14 Mar 1929Clara I. Bresina
after 15 Mar 1929William Preston Clary
10 Apr 1933Culver Vern Clary
after 23 Jan 1941Frank Rudolph Kobiela
after 10 Nov 1941Robert Franklin Clary
31 Oct 1946George Peter Clary
after 14 Nov 1946Birdie Fruits
1952Hardin John Clary
after 24 Oct 1952Hazel Clary
after 31 Jan 1957Bertha Grace Angel
after 11 May 1957Harold David Moody
after 8 Mar 1958Zella Jane Clary
after 27 Jan 1961Maye S. Miller
1964Gertrude Clary
Apr 1968Allen Diedrick Clary
7 May 1968Joseph Rufus Feagans Jr
after 28 Jul 1968Mildred Clary
Dec 1974Opal Clark
1982Ailene Harmel
Apr 1983Ella Antle Clary
after 9 Jun 1989James M. Etter
after 26 Oct 1989Faye Clary
after 13 Apr 2008Geraldine K. Arnold
after 4 Apr 2012Philip S. Clary
Saint Anthony's CemeteryHospers, Iowaafter 7 Aug 1904Ferdinand Full
Jan 1922Harry Louis Schaffhausen
after 15 Feb 1926Rose Catherine Becker
after 29 Sep 1941Clemens William Langenhorst
19 Sep 1949Magnus Theodore Graff
after 22 Aug 1953Theodore Schwebach
after 29 Feb 1956Susan Thill
after 30 Jun 1963Darlene Janet Schwebach
after 3 Oct 1964Mary Loretta Engels
after 6 May 1965John William Jungers
14 Mar 1966Lawrence William Schwebach
after 31 Mar 1970Anna Niichel
after 4 Jun 1976Angeline Katerina Langenhorst
after 4 Jan 2003Ambrose John Schwebach
16 Aug 2012Clarence Pohlen
17 Jan 2014Jeannie Francis Bachmann
Saint Francis CemeteryDyersville, Iowaafter 11 Jan 1881Jacob Wuchter Sr.
27 Jan 1897Mary Bleifuss
after 1 Jan 1929Jacob Wuchter Jr.
after 8 Jul 1936Josephine Diekman
after 20 Aug 1939Paulina Weikmann
Saint Francis Xavier CemeteryWindom, Minnesotaafter 9 Mar 1951Clara Margaret Bauer
7 Mar 1978William Albert Bunkers
after 24 May 1995Viola Mildred Bunkers
after 14 Jun 2007Larned Leroy Nerhus
after 12 Nov 2010Isabelle Mary Bunkers
Saint George CemeterySaint George, Kansasafter 14 Jul 1887Clarence H. Clary
after 11 Aug 1887George M. Clary
after 20 Aug 1892Snethan H. Clary
after 9 May 1903Snethan Clary
after 23 Mar 1927Nancy A. Cooper
Saint James CemeteryStony Hill, MissouriMar 1895Catharina Gabler
Nov 1895Christian H. Grannemann
Dec 1896Magdalena Mueller
Nov 1898David Fredrick Gumper
Jul 1903Elizabeth Caldwell
1904John Lewis Cantley
Phillip Mueller
David Gumper
1907Jacob Gaiser
Jun 1908Gottlieb Gumper
Oct 1908Amos Cantley
John George Fischer
26 Nov 1915John Michael Gabler
17 Mar 1916Emma Sewing
8 Sep 1917Christina Maria Mueller
after 22 Jul 1920William Maupin
22 Jun 1922Edward C. Heinlein
Christina Gumper
7 Dec 1924Christian Frederick Karstedt
Mar 1925Christian John Grannemann
17 Jan 1926Arthur Lee Maupin
17 Jul 1927Mildred E. Karstedt
25 Mar 1928Martha Susan Cantley
27 May 1928Emma Jane Maupin
after 4 Jan 1929Anna Ernstmeyer
28 Jan 1929Anna Grannemann
1 Aug 1929Henry Frank Grannemann
23 May 1931Frederich John Sewing
27 Jun 1933Gottlieb Fischer
26 May 1934Wilhelmina Sewing
1 Jun 1934Anna Maria Gumper
Catherina Mueller
22 Jul 1937Christian Benjamin Gabler
8 Aug 1937Hazel Marie Gumper
24 Dec 1937Anna Maria Gumper
Florence Allemann
30 Nov 1938Louisa Katherine Fischer
2 Jan 1939Sophia M. Grannemann
3 Apr 1939William Grannemann
27 Oct 1939Christian Gumper
19 Jul 1942Edward Maupin
6 Oct 1942Edmund Oscar Horstmann
4 Jun 1943Wilhelmina Gumper
19 Jul 1943Ida K. Helling
12 May 1944Mary Sewing
31 Dec 1945Henry Christian Grannemann
6 Jun 1946Louis Grannemann
11 Jan 1947Loretta Marie Benz
5 Oct 1947Arnold Edward Heinlein
25 Mar 1949Marie Salome Mueller
after 26 Feb 1951Harvey Horstmann
2 Mar 1951Harvey Albert Horstmann
17 Mar 1951Andrew Claude Maupin
31 Jul 1953Nelda Louise Horstmann
19 Apr 1954Charles Lee Mueller
6 Sep 1954Mary Caroline Rethemeyer
11 Dec 1954Minnie Heinlein
6 Mar 1956John Michael Gabler
16 Feb 1958Oliver Herbert Gabler
1958Luisa Gumper
4 Apr 1959Martha Helling
3 May 1962Albert Joseph Heinlein
Laura M. Karstedt
28 Jan 1963Hermann David Gumper
16 Feb 1963Emilie Seger
17 Mar 1963Alvin Edward Horstmann
1965Charles Grannemann
Aug 1965Edward Charles Grannemann
Nov 1965John Andrew Krattli
21 Dec 1966Gottlieb Gumper
5 May 1969Hermann Ludwig Karstedt
Jul 1969Oliver Christ Grannemann
25 Jan 1970Gottlieb Gabler
Mar 1970Adella W. (Unknown)
14 Jul 1970Edwin Allemann
21 Aug 1970Ernst Benz
21 Aug 1970Ida Meyer
27 Oct 1970Clara A. Grannemann
19 Jun 1971Ben Hahne
after 14 Sep 1971Ella Marie Dahl
12 Mar 1972Lena Jacob
after 13 Nov 1972Christina Gabler
Lillie Maupin
Mar 1976Herbert Grannemann
26 Feb 1978George Benz
19 Mar 1979Benjamin Horstmann
10 May 1981Elton Herman Gumper
13 Dec 1981Verena M. (Unknown)
27 May 1982Carolina Gumper
after 5 Jan 1983Lottie Schmitz
Dewia Hill
after 11 Sep 1985Edgar August Benz
Alfred August Gumper
Emma C. Scheible
Nora Maupin
Stella Hahne
Roy Allemann
28 Jul 2003Esther C. Grannemann
2004Frieda Schoening
21 Apr 2005Lorisa Richey
after 6 Mar 2010Anna Marie Nash
after 12 Oct 2014Dorothy Minnie Benz
8 Sep 2015Paul A. Benz
Saint John's CemeteryBancroft, Iowaafter 4 Sep 1939Eldon Stoffel
4 Mar 1942Cecelia Elizabeth Bunkers
after 17 Sep 1955Cletus Joseph Deitering
after 15 Aug 1957Henry Joseph Deitering
after 1 Apr 1960Darrell J. Stoffel
after 10 Sep 1960Anna Bunkers
after 2 Nov 1968Thomas Philip Sheridan
after 8 Dec 1969Peter Joseph Schiltz
after 10 Feb 1985Mildred Mary Ann Deitering
after 26 Sep 1988Albert Herman Deitering
after 22 Dec 1990Agnes Helen Kollasch
after 16 Mar 1991Marina Elizabeth Deitering
after 28 Jul 1993Henry Arthur Grandgenett
after 18 Apr 1997Regina B. Fangman
after 17 Apr 1998Carl Henry Callies
after 22 Jan 2004Margaret Mary Deitering
after 1 Oct 2012Dorothy Cecilia Schiltz
Saint John's CemeteryStolpe, MissouriGeorge Rausch
Katherine Rausch
Christian Rausch
Louisa Gumper
1960Anna Langendoerfer
Christian Phillip Rausch
Saint Joseph's Catholic Church CemeteryGranville, Iowa17 Jul 1897Angela Hottua
after 14 Oct 1902John Nickolas Bertamus
after 30 Apr 1904Eugene J. Schwebach Jr.
after 28 Feb 1910Max Thorman
after 18 Nov 1911Joseph Bunkers
after 5 Oct 1912Jean Nicolas Schwebach
after 25 Mar 1915Barbara Elizabeth Bunkers
18 Feb 1924Henry Bunkers
after 5 Apr 1925John William Graff
4 Dec 1926Frank Peter Bunkers
after 19 Mar 1933Clara Agnes Bunkers
after 26 Apr 1933Catharine Ludivisse
after 29 Jul 1935Johann Henry Bussanmas
1937Barbara Ann Bussanmas
after 29 Sep 1941Anna Catherine Bunkers
8 Feb 1943Barbara Simmerl
after 1 Nov 1943Clarence Schwebach
after 7 Sep 1945Raymond Bussanmas
1947Rosalia M. Schwebach
after 27 Aug 1948Joseph Russell Bachmann
Nov 1949Russell C. Schwebach
after 25 Dec 1949Joseph M. Thorman
after 29 Aug 1950Joseph Frank Bachmann
after 6 Nov 1956Louis Schwebach
1961Anna Thorman
25 Feb 1961Martha James
after 13 Dec 1961Catherine Niichel
1963Nicholas T. Schwebach
after 7 May 1965John Peter Schwebach
after 4 Aug 1968Roseline Lillian Welter
16 Oct 1968John Edward Graff
after 11 Dec 1970Arthur Joseph Full
after 1 Sep 1971Elizabeth Elenora Bunkers
18 Feb 1972Milo H. Graff
after 10 Aug 1972Raymond J. Koob
after 15 Jun 1974Barbara Ann Domnisse
19 Jul 1974Bert Edward Ballard
24 Dec 1974Douglas Graff
after 22 May 1976Catherine Marie Edmunda Bunkers
after 11 Apr 1978Elizabeth A. Niichel
after 27 Jul 1978Jerome Anton Bunkers
Apr 1979Anna Adolphen Schwebach
after 6 May 1982Margaret Ann Schwebach
Andrew J. Miller
after 22 Aug 1985Leonard P. Grady
after 24 Jul 1988Raymond E. Bunkers
after 26 Feb 1989Theodore Klein
after 27 Dec 1990Florence Theresa Schwebach
10 Dec 1992Carlyn Mary Doud
after 3 Jan 1993Rosa Schwebach
25 Aug 1993Otto Ambrose Graff
after 8 Sep 1993William Davis
Oct 1994Arnold John Schmith
22 Dec 1994Eugene Joseph Heying
25 Apr 1995Mary Irene O'Meara
15 Jun 1996Florence Graff
after 18 Dec 1996Frances Kokenge
after 6 Apr 1999Raymond Grady
after 26 Feb 2000Agnes Margaret Schwebach
after 23 Apr 2004Robert Anthony Bachmann
24 Mar 2007Henry Peter Schwebach
10 Aug 2019Verna Mae Klein
Saint Leo CemeterySaint Leo, Minnesotaafter 25 May 1925Saraphine Anna Bertamus
after 29 Aug 1928Nick Bertamus
after 31 Jul 1930Cunigundis Artina Bertamus
Bernard Full
31 Jan 1956Margaret Schwebach
after 12 Feb 1988Alfred Delphin Bresson
Saint Margaret's CemeteryOrleans, Iowaafter 4 Nov 1944Kathleen Ann Naber
after 6 Nov 1956Quentin William Graff
after 18 Aug 1968Richard John Naber
after 21 Nov 1981Joseph Henry Graff
6 Jan 1995Delores Elanore Bunkers
after 29 Jul 2002Roman Naber
Saint Mary's Catholic CemeteryDell Rapids, South Dakotaafter 14 Dec 1919James Jacob Schwebach
after 1 Jan 1921James Eugene Schwebach
after 18 Nov 1926James Nicholas Schwebach
1928Philip M. Schwebach
after 29 Dec 1928Herbert John Schwebach
after 24 Feb 1929Norbert Joseph Schwebach
after 11 Feb 1933August Kottmann
after 16 Feb 1933Joseph Hugo Schwebach
after 4 Apr 1935Susan Schwebach
after 26 Nov 1935Anna Bricher
after 19 Jan 1936Herman Henry Bunkers
after 3 Feb 1936Eugene J. Schwebach
after 27 Oct 1939George Bricher
26 Dec 1939Joseph Wenz Schwebach
after 12 Sep 1940Rita Mary Dresch
after 22 Sep 1941Daniel Duaine Schwebach
after 26 Apr 1943Annie Burg
after 22 Jul 1945Otto Anthony Bunkers
23 Apr 1948Nicholas Valentine Schwebach
after 1 Sep 1950Eugene Aloysius Zeig
after 24 Oct 1950Catherine Berendes
1951Infant Daughter Bunkers
after 26 Jan 1951Barbara Mary Bunkers
8 Nov 1951James Frank Schwebach
8 Nov 1951Sylvester William Schwebach
8 Nov 1951Grace Marie Schwebach
after 11 Dec 1951Nicholas Zeig
1952Infant Son Bunkers
28 Apr 1953Bernadine Catherine Schwebach
5 Apr 1954John Bunkers
after 23 Apr 1955Charles Michael Bunkers
after 25 Jan 1956Mary Katherine Gebhart
after 24 Jan 1956Infant Son Bunkers
after 24 Jan 1956Infant Son Bunkers
19 Jul 1957Willam Van Dam
after 17 Jun 1958Anna M. Kellen
16 Jan 1959John Emil Bunkers
after 18 Jul 1959Vincent Andrew Schwebach
28 Sep 1959Catherine Biren
after 5 Aug 1961Jeffrey Paul Siemonsma
after 24 Aug 1961Rodney John Sargent
after 13 Nov 1964Melchoir Dresch
after 24 Mar 1965Margaret Schwebach
1 Jun 1965Cleophas Math Bunkers
18 May 1967Catherine Plathe
after 3 Jan 1968Susan E Wagoner
after 7 Jan 1968John George Schwebach
after 7 Jan 1968Joseph Michael Schwebach
18 Jan 1969Andrew Henry Bunkers
29 Apr 1969Valentine Schwebach
after 20 Jun 1969Leona Full
after 2 Sep 1969Agnes Bowar
after 13 Sep 1970Caroline M. Kottmann
11 Jan 1971Phillip Schwebach
16 Jan 1971Nick Bricher
after 6 Aug 1971Clarence James Bunkers
31 Dec 1971Joseph Phillip Bunkers
17 Jan 1973Mary Anne Fischbach
14 Jul 1973Mary M. Moes
after 22 Apr 1974Anastasia Mary Bunkers
after 6 Mar 1975Martha E. Bult
John Schwebach
after 4 Jun 1976Mary Margaret Eulberg
30 Jul 1976Andrew Philip Schwebach
Feb 1977Anna Joesphine Kottmann
after 13 Jul 1977Eugene James Schwebach
after 8 Sep 1977Frank K. Bricher
after 6 Nov 1977Nicholas Phillip Schwebach Jr.
after 13 Sep 1978Robert William Majeres
21 Oct 1978Joseph Herman Ahlers
after 24 Dec 1978John Joseph Schwebach Jr.
6 Apr 1979Michael G. Schwebach
after 21 Jan 1980Mary E. Hilgert
after 28 Jan 1980Lorraine Schreurs
Sep 1980Janet Marie Bunkers
2 Aug 1981John N. Schmidt
Jun 1982Elizabeth Bauer
1 Oct 1982Mary Margaret Schwebach
after 17 Oct 1982William W. Geraets
14 Jan 1983Gertrude M. Rogler
25 May 1983Michael Andrew Schwebach
18 Oct 1983Gerald Michael Siemonsma
19 Mar 1985Pauline Mary Bricher
13 Dec 1985Cecilia Schwebach
after 13 Jul 1986Rose Mary Bricher
16 Jan 1987Gerard John Siemonsma
15 Jul 1987Alphonse John Zeig
after 28 Oct 1987Magnus John Bunkers
11 Apr 1988Gertrude Evelyn Underwood
after 13 Sep 1989Joseph Raphael Zeig
after 4 Jan 1990Sylvester Fiegen
20 Jun 1991Isabelle Caroline Schwebach
after 2 Sep 1991Leonard Valentine Schwebach
after 2 Dec 1992Clazine Van Dam
after 17 Sep 1994Clarence Dresch
after 14 Oct 1994Geneva Celeste Baumberger
21 Jan 1995Donald Henry Bunkers
4 Mar 1995DeLoris Lovell
after 8 Apr 1995Norbert Dresch
24 Oct 1995Marie Pearl ClaryService held at St. Peter's Catholic Church by Father David Roehrich.
after 26 Jan 1998Harold Henry Bunkers
after 14 Jul 1999Ellen Hurney
27 Aug 1999James Andrew Bunkers
10 Nov 2000William Eugene Zeig
2 Jan 2001Deborah Ann Schwebach
after 4 Apr 2001Raymond Anthony Geraets
26 Jan 2002Mathew J. Schmidt
1 Apr 2002Francis Joseph Schwebach
after 8 Sep 2002Theresa Josephine Bowar
after 10 Dec 2002Walter Robert Williamson
after 3 Mar 2003Vincent John Schwebach
3 Jan 2004Kenneth Verne LeBrun
after 7 Jun 2004Chad Allen Siemonsma
6 Dec 2004Agnes Dresch
after 24 Dec 2004Cathryn Josephine Schwebach
18 Jan 2005Anna Mary Schwebach
13 Mar 2006Anastasia Cecilia Schwebach
27 Aug 2007Philip James Bunkers
after 13 Feb 2008Melvin John Bunkers
after 25 Apr 2008Delores Krier
4 Oct 2008David Michael Schwebach
24 Dec 2008George Michael Schwebach
20 Aug 2009Melvina Matilda Dubbelde
13 Oct 2011Jerome John Schwebach
6 Dec 2012Audrey I. Schwartz
31 Dec 2012Mary Magdalene Mergen
after 24 Nov 2014Cordula Margaret Schwebach
after 11 Apr 2017Raphael Valentine Schwebach
after 3 Aug 2017Vincent Clemens Bunkers
after 8 Feb 2020Phyllis Wheeler
Saint Mary's CemeteryRemsen, Iowaafter 3 Aug 1891Johann Petter Schwebach
27 May 1892Marie Elizabeth Niegengert
after 24 Mar 1897Herman Theodore Bunkers
after 13 Oct 1898Verena Bunkers
1904Caroline Vaske
after 6 Jun 1904Mary Bunkers
7 Jun 1909Raymond Bunkers
1911Rudolph Lammers
21 Jul 1914Herman Bernard Bunkers
1 May 1917John Bernard Bunkers
after 5 Nov 1918Mary Josephine Schultz
after 1 Aug 1921Henry Reker
after 16 May 1923Helen M. Beck
after 14 Jun 1925Edward Fiegen
after 8 Jan 1929Christina Koppert
after 31 Aug 1931Hubert Ritz
1932Joseph Reker
1940Maria Catherine Bohenkamp
after 14 Dec 1944Mary Bunkers
1945Lanie Arens
after 30 Apr 1948Herman John Deitering
10 Aug 1950Philomina Bunkers
after 26 Oct 1952Elizabeth Bunkers
2 Jul 1955Bernard Bunkers
3 Dec 1955Mary Antoinette Lammers
1956Joey Bunkers
21 Mar 1961John James Schwebach
16 Oct 1963Theodore H. Bunkers
11 Feb 1965Marina Bunkers
17 Oct 1966Aloysius Bohlke
after 15 Jul 1967Clara Margaret Stoeber
after 15 Aug 1968Clara Mary Majeres
after 11 May 1970Edwin H. Bunkers
after 10 Nov 1970Vincent Delperdang
17 May 1971Milo Bohlke
24 May 1971Susan Lanners
1972Anna (Unknown)
after 29 Sep 1972Daniel Bunkers
12 Dec 1972Blanche Delperdang
after 21 May 1973Mary Elizabeth Bohlke
17 Jan 1974Joseph Frank Lang
after 7 Oct 1975Anna Niehus
after 27 Dec 1976Joseph Francis Bunkers
1978Alphonse J. Bohlke
after 27 Oct 1979Vernon Aloys Bunkers
after 6 May 1980George Delperdang
27 Nov 1984Elmer J. Loutsch
30 Nov 1984Frances Mary Bunkers
27 Apr 1988Sylvester Kobberman
26 Mar 1996Louis Theodore Bunkers
after 6 May 1996Roman B. Bunkers
after 29 Apr 1997Gilbert Loesche
after 25 Aug 2000Madeleine Alma Alexander
after 17 Dec 2001Evelyn Marie Deubel
after 22 Dec 2002Cletus Bernard Bunkers
after 31 Jul 2004Adeline Ritz
8 Apr 2005Leroy W. Bunkers
after 1 Dec 2006Ruth M. Boever
after 2 Feb 2009Armella Bunkers
Saint Michaels CemeteryFrostburg, Marylandafter 17 Mar 1877Aden Clary
after 23 Apr 1941Bernard Daugherty Dilley
after 19 Apr 1944Ann Agnes Kirby
after 20 Aug 1998Ralph Pengelly Bender
after 23 Jul 1999Edith Dilley
Saint Patricks CemeterySheldon, IowaAug 1970Glenn Leroy Foreman
Aug 1970Alice Noethe
after 27 May 1978Lawrence P. Noethe
21 Feb 2005Clarence Joseph Stallmann
2008LeRoy Foreman
after 12 Dec 2009Madeline Gladys Schwebach
Saint Peter's CemeteryColman, South Dakotaafter 2 Dec 1930Signe Marie Olson
after 25 Nov 1955Elizabeth Gebhart
after 12 Jan 1963Herman Bunkers
after 12 Jan 1970Richard Boniface Bunkers
after 21 Dec 1986John B. LeBrun
9 Oct 1989Isabel Mary Bormann
after 15 Jul 1995Charlotte Ruth Gruber
24 Dec 1999Philip John Schmidt
Saints Cyril & Methodius Catholic CemeteryTaunton, Minnesotaafter 27 Mar 1953Richard Henry Full
after 2 Jun 1966Dennis Edward Full
after 16 Apr 1986Ferdinand Henry Full
after 10 Nov 2009Philip Arthur Full
after 8 Oct 2010Dorothy Lucinda Schaffhausen
Senate Grove CemeteryBerger, Missouriafter 12 Oct 1889George Bernhard Krattlirow 8
after 16 Aug 1907Louise VonBehren
after 23 Jul 1914Heinrich Becker
after 18 Jul 1936Mary Beckerrow 10
1939Fredricka Becker
after 3 Dec 1949George Rohlfingrow 11
after 15 Feb 1951Charles Fred Horstmannrow 10
1955Charles Schultz
about 1957Mary Ursula Krattlirow 11
Simpson CemeteryCannon County, Tennesseeafter 14 Nov 1847Jane Brandon
1850Elizabeth Cunningham
May 1850Peter Ryan Simpson
after 23 Jan 1884Nitha Ann Gannon
after 29 Mar 1894Peter S. Simpson
Soda Springs CemeteryParker, Texasafter 14 Dec 1870Fannie Elizabeth Littlefield
1873Martin Solomon Emberlin
after 10 Jan 1955Lottie May Ashley
after 18 Aug 1955John Wesley Elders
after 28 Mar 1957Joseph Robert E. Worden
after 21 May 1957Bertha Worden
South Lawn CemeteryCoshocton, Ohioafter 3 Apr 1911William Clary Jr.
after 23 Aug 1939Harriet Louise Leffler
after 14 Feb 1953William Bryan Clary
Apr 1955Lawrence F. Clary
12 Mar 1957Emma Jane Frazee
after 2 May 1971Nelle Shannon
after 17 Aug 1986Lawrence B. Clary
after 8 Apr 1998William Shannon Clary
South Mound CemeteryNew Castle, Indiana1924Mark Orange Waters
after 5 Apr 1976Clarence Edward Waters
after 28 Mar 1988Theodore Owens
after 13 Jul 1991Helena Margaret Waters
after 8 Feb 2010Adelne Bussell
Spring Grove CemeteryCincinnati, Ohioafter 10 Mar 1944John Sloniker
1954Mary Rebecca WatersGarden LN, Section 118, Lot 306, Space 6
after 17 Dec 1960Edith Fern PerryGarden LN, Section 118, Lot 306, Space 7
1964Stella Hall
after 6 Jun 1970Mark Leonard SlonikerGarden LN, Section 118, Lot 182, Space 3
after 5 Feb 1973Ross Waters Sloniker
after 10 Aug 1987Hurst Raymond SlonikerGarden LN, Section 118, Lot 306, Space 10
after 26 Jun 1988Douglas Porter GrafGarden LN, Section 128, Lot 35, Space 5
after 30 May 2007Betty SlonikerGarden LN, Section 128, Lot 35, Space 5C
Spring Grove CemeterySaint Paris, Ohioafter 25 Mar 1951William Harrison Current
after 22 Oct 1953Jessie Adelaide Shadley
after 19 Jun 1965Sarah E. Williams
after 10 Sep 1965Timothy Lincoln Currentsection 8 lot 25
after 12 Dec 1971Ruth Current
Jun 1975Mina Williams
after 11 Jan 1981Roy C. Currentsection 8 lot 14
after 16 Jan 1990Vianne Opal Current
Strong CemeteryAlbany, Indianaafter 18 Mar 1912Levi Martin Evans
after 22 Sep 1920Loverna C. St. Clair
1942Austin Glenber Sutton
after 21 Nov 1943Emily Florence Evans
7 Jul 1948Esther McProud
Sulphur Springs Baptist Church CemeteryHiddenite, North Carolinaafter 4 Jun 1894James Arthur Blankenship
after 20 Dec 1895Rebecca L. Blankenship
after 1 Apr 1899Annie Melissa Sherrill
after 17 Nov 1906Candace Abernathy
after 27 May 1909Fred Haskel Cook
after 21 Apr 1911Stella Faye Patterson
after 12 Apr 1912Max Millian Lackey
after 21 Oct 1915John Nesbit Lackey
after 9 Nov 1915Floyd Perry Cook
after 19 Feb 1916James Robert Gwaltney
after 1 Mar 1918Nancy Isabella Sloop
after 14 Dec 1919James Curtis Patterson
after 12 May 1921Curtis Fielden Lackey
after 7 Oct 1921J. B. Patterson
after 29 Jul 1922G. Arthur Smith
after 1 Dec 1922Benjamin Franklin Patterson
after 19 May 1925Infant Smith
after 16 Sep 1925Carrian Lucinda Clary
after 25 Jan 1928Sarah Jane Clary
after 24 Sep 1932Julius Alexander Lackey
after 30 Sep 1937Sarah Jane M. Thompson
after 27 Apr 1945Robert Lafayette Lackey
5 Sep 1952Leonard Melmouth Lackey
after 19 Jan 1961Marvin Wood Sharpe
after 5 Dec 1964Martha Beatrice Lackey
after 5 Aug 1968Susan Patrolia Lackey
after 4 Oct 1968Arthur Quentis Patterson
after 9 Feb 1969Pauline Smith
after 15 Jun 1970Ora Patterson
after 1 Nov 1975Coy Benjamin Smith
after 6 Jan 1981Vee Mitchell
after 10 Jul 1982James Harold Sharpe Sr.
6 Mar 2012Willard A. Patterson
after 13 Mar 2014Julia Roberts
Sunrise CemeteryWahoo, Nebraskaafter 8 Dec 1860George Barnell
after 4 Sep 1870Orion Barnell
after 7 Dec 1871Nellie Barnell
after 25 Oct 1895Anna Barnell
after 26 Mar 1921Jerome Barnell
1928Letitia Washburn
Terral CemeteryTerral, OklahomaDec 1903Jewel Lodema Clary
6 Jan 1904Effie Milldred Langford
after 5 Jun 1911Mishac Peterpinkston ClaryRow E-Y
Nancy Emiline Bridges
12 Aug 1922Walter Caldeen ClaryRow E-Y
after 3 Nov 1922Ephraim Oscar Barnett
13 Jan 1962Mattie Ora ClaryRow E-Y
after 31 Dec 1968Glen Matthews
after 17 Nov 1974Golden Mae Clary
after 15 Mar 1977Lonnie Dee Clary
after 21 May 1997Lillie Clary
Thayne CemeteryThayne, Wyomingafter 16 Oct 1944David Larsen
after 7 May 1949Michael Lee Barnell
after 7 Apr 1974Mary Alice Sealy
after 20 Oct 1987Larry Michael Larsen
18 Jun 1988David Maxwell Larsen
after 25 Oct 1992William Neil Barnell Sr
9 May 1998Vivian Nina Crapo
after 1 Mar 2019Carmen Patricia Barnell
Thrailkill CemeterySwayzee, Indianaafter 8 Sep 1875Charles E. LakePlot: OR IG
29 Aug 1932James Riley LakePlot: Section B
after 15 Apr 1946Mary SmithPlot: Section B
after 3 Sep 1961Melvin Ross Lake
after 27 Apr 2008Elizabeth Farold LakeSec B
31 Jul 2012Mary Lake
Tomlinson CemeteryMuncie, Indiana16 Feb 1915Martha V. Dragoo
3 Dec 1945John M. Current
1964Ruby Current
22 Jun 1990Frank William Barnell
24 Dec 2005Toni Sue Barnell
Topeka CemeteryTopeka, Kansasafter 17 Apr 1908Andrew J. VanSant
after 27 Feb 1923Sarah F. Clary
1933Maurice R. Spurrier
1958Estelle Clary VanSant
Dec 1973Ralph Albert Spurrier
Trinity United Methodist Church CemeteryKing, North Carolinaafter 1 May 1892Susan Ann Boyles
after 18 Dec 1902Richard W. Fulk
after 22 Nov 1910Loni A. Smith
after 5 May 1917Carrie A. Walker
after 18 May 1923Oscar Simeon Fulk
after 4 Aug 1927Adolphus Cleveland Butner
after 7 Sep 1931Ida Frances Campbell
after 5 Feb 1936David Armstead Walker
after 12 Jul 1941Riley George Fulk
after 7 Feb 1951Wiley Madison Fulk
after 18 Jul 1960Ola Francis Fulk
after 25 Jan 1961Mary Augusta Fulk
after 17 Feb 1961William Jackson Fulk
after 29 Aug 1962Genie Alice Fulk
after 23 Sep 1962Barbara Floyd Edwards
after 2 Dec 1971Joseph Cornelius Fulk
after 6 Sep 1976Thomas Cleveland Butner
after 6 Jul 1978Alexander Smith
after 14 Apr 1983Alvie Virona Smith
after 30 Oct 1989Mildred Olivia Tuttle
after 27 Feb 1992Ersie C. Smith
after 15 Mar 1992Grady Elbert Fulk
after 19 Aug 1995Addie Ruth Baker
after 4 Sep 1996Silas William Fulk
21 Dec 1998Esther Myrtle Butner
after 19 Aug 2000Edith Elizabeth Fulk
after 15 Oct 2000Cletus Elmo Darnell
Union CemeteryMorristown, OhioJohn Israel
Rachel Clary
Mary Elizabeth Taylor
Feb 1858Elizabeth A. Pryor
after 26 Apr 1867Sarah E. Skaggs
after 23 Jun 1891Robert A. Israel
after 21 Feb 1902Elizabeth (Unknown)
1903Albert Israel
1904Mariah G. Gregg
after 11 Mar 1912John Cicero Israel
Union Ridge CemeteryCabell County, West Virginia1935Charles M. Hudson
after 23 Dec 1946Edward Warren Clary
after 19 Jun 1957Joseph James Hesson
after 1 Jul 1967Emma Brumfield
1973Earl W. Valentine
after 4 Oct 1974Cora Brannen
after 29 Dec 1977Edward Semour Clary
Sep 1987Edgar L. Clary
after 29 Oct 1987Alfred Elmer Paxton
after 24 Aug 1988Tressie S. Clary
after 22 Mar 1992Wilbert W. Clary
after 11 Dec 1997Dorothy Clary
after 25 Jan 1999John Millard Clary
after 18 Aug 2003Leah Ruth Weekley
9 Dec 2004William Brian Mount
29 Jun 2005Bertha Bailey
28 Sep 2009Oweva Mount
Wamego City CemeteryWamego, Kansasafter 16 Jun 1873Nathaniel Henderson Clary Jr.
after 31 Jan 1892Sarah Ann Hood
after 31 Jan 1900Nathaniel Henderson Clary
1941Raymond A. Clary
1955Clyde L. Clary
West Antioch CemeteryStoddard County, Missouriafter 17 Jan 1892Louisa Edwards
after 19 Nov 1894Henry Herbert Larsen
after 22 Jun 1904Marvin L. Larsen
after 12 Jul 1905James Preston Larsen Jr.
after 8 Feb 1907George K. Larsen
26 Oct 1910Martin Luther Larsen
after 3 Aug 1917Edna L Larsen
15 Jan 1920William Henry Larsen
2 Dec 1922Grace Merle Larsen
after 31 Oct 1925James Preston Larsen
14 Mar 1943Jessie Ellen Temple
17 Oct 1952John Christian Larsen
after 21 Apr 1960Julia Francis Elrod
after 24 May 1965Effie Louise Timmons
after 17 Jan 1966Joseph Bryan Larsen
after 14 Feb 1990William Charles Larsen
20 Sep 2012James C. Larsen
West Park CemeteryHereford, Texasafter 2 Oct 1913Viola May Barnell
after 14 Nov 1939Franklin Emory Bowe
after 18 Oct 1969Vernon Witherspoon
after 2 Mar 1972Myrtle Cornelia Bowe
after 26 Sep 1993Myra Hartman
after 9 May 2002Frank Gordon Witherspoon
White Chapel Memorial GardensBarboursville, West Virginiaafter 30 Sep 1961Clarence Clary
after 14 May 1969Lilly Mae Brewer
after 14 Jan 2000Lewellyn Clary
26 Feb 2002Gary William Clary
after 27 Sep 2005Doris Cleo Turner
1 May 2006Alta Clary
White Church CemeteryGlen Rose, Texasafter 30 Dec 1906Infant Hawkins
after 16 May 1972Virgil Milam Reeves
after 30 Jan 1983Orell Hawkins
after 16 Oct 1986Virgil O. Hawkins
after 10 Mar 1990Callie Lee Forsythe
Woodside CemeteryWrightstown, Minnesotaafter 13 Aug 1901Sarah Isadora Coons
Israel Putman Current
after 21 Oct 1963Elmer Everett Morical
after 26 Sep 1966Erich John Emil Sellin
Alma Current
after 29 Jul 1969Cassie Margaretta Heisler
Wymore CemeteryWymore, Nebraska1912Celester L. Clary
1920Ruby Elmore Clary
after 26 Feb 1924Minnie Fouraker
after 26 Aug 1924Charles Elmer Clary
after 30 Jun 1947Celestia Clary
Wyuka CemeteryLincoln, Nebraskaafter 9 Dec 1918Robert Glenn Robotham
after 26 Apr 1920Ivan Arthur VosslerPlot: Sec-1B Sp-1564
18 Mar 1940Jennie Augusta PalmquistLot 2798, section 28
Nolan Clarence Vosler
after 21 Aug 1964Charles Edward CummingsSec-39 Lot-170 Sp-3
after 14 Jul 1971Pearl Belle ChambersSec-39 Lot-170 Sp-2
after 12 Sep 1972Vern M. SimpsonSec-22 Lot-167 Sp-6
after 23 Jul 1975Jacob BoolSec-2 Lot-5538 Gr-8
after 13 Nov 1989Raethel A. SimpsonSec-2 Lot-5538 Gr-10
after 8 Mar 1998Ople Esther Kilgore
Wyuka CemeteryNebraska City, Nebraskaafter 6 Feb 1890Frances Irene Clary
William Carrol Clary
Angeline Geneva Hayes
after 4 Jul 1911Gregg Edson Clary
Cora Ellen Clary
William Millian Clary
20 Mar 1930Minnie Minerva Gregg
Aug 1932Vivien Elizabeth ClaryPlot: CC-037-08
Yorkton City CemeteryYorkton, Saskatchewanafter 3 Sep 1915Aurelia S. Griffith
after 14 Nov 1918Pearl Esther GriffithPlot: Section C
after 18 Feb 1924John Bernard Griffith
after 19 Sep 1930Frances Griffith
after 25 Feb 1940Sarah Deborah Clary
after 6 Jun 1941Anthony Samuel GriffithPlot: Section C
after 19 May 1958George Henry Griffith
after 28 Jun 1962Clara Ivy Griffith
after 31 Jul 1964Annie Elizabeth Rattray
after 11 Nov 1975Mervin Frank Griffith
after 5 Dec 1978Florence Ruth Griffith
after 3 Nov 1987Gordon Pekaar
after 18 Mar 1989Ruby Florence Griffith
after 6 Apr 1995Mabel Meays
after 21 Aug 1995Evert Starr
after 29 Nov 1995George Howard Alberts
after 1 May 1997Mary Ellen Griffith
Zion Methodist Church CemeteryLucerne, Indianaafter 12 Oct 1915Ruth Isadora Wolford
after 31 May 1917Phillip Wolford
after 3 Aug 1920(Infant son) Wolford
after 26 Feb 1921Dora Leach
after 23 Nov 1926Cecil W. Clary
after 5 Jun 1935Nellie Edith Clary
after 31 Mar 1950William Perry Seward
after 13 Jul 1954Arthur Wellington Clary
after 25 Sep 1954Lillie Ellen Clary
after 30 Aug 1956Roy Wolford
after 27 Sep 1957George Wolford
1958Luye Jefferson Clary
after 11 May 1959Roswell Wolford
after 23 Oct 1960Harvey Julian Clary
after 14 May 1961Martha Ellan Conn
3 Jul 1961Daisy M. Wolford
19 Oct 1965Nora Fern Clary
after 13 Nov 1965Edna G. Emery
after 16 Mar 1967Ernest Elwood Brandt
after 4 May 1969Osie A. Myers
Nov 1969Russell I. Clary
after 28 Dec 1974Cora Clary
Dec 1977Esther Susan Clary
after 2 Feb 1981George Albert Bell
Aug 1982Martha Blanche Morrison
Dec 1983David Earl Clary
after 30 May 1985Elizabeth L. Emery
Feb 1987Mollie Tucker
after 24 Mar 1995Max E. Brandt
after 18 Aug 1995Charles Doyan Butz
after 19 Apr 1996Louise Nicoles
after 22 May 2002Esther B. Brown
24 Jan 2004Bernice A. Clary
after 13 Mar 2006Anna Paschen
after 2 Dec 2007Jack B. Clary